Wedding Diary #3: Finding The Dress!

It’s officially a few months to the wedding and guess who does not have a wedding dress yet? Well, no one told me it takes at least 6-8 months to order a wedding dress from most weddings shops. Again, the chill Maryam is just chilling, and hoping I will sort this out by next month.Continue reading “Wedding Diary #3: Finding The Dress!”

Wedding Diary #1: Finally, we are having a wedding ceremony!

Remember we got engaged at the end of 2019. Honestly, We weren’t planning to do anything in 2020 because early in the year 2020, Covid kicked in. But, somewhere in my heart, I thought 2021 was definitely going to be the year. Unfortunately, we had to make the tough decision to put a hold on everything because the uncertainty was too much.Continue reading “Wedding Diary #1: Finally, we are having a wedding ceremony!”