Ever heard about Instagram Themes


Instagram is definitely one of the top social media platforms being used by bloggers today. However, the difference between the way bloggers use Instagram and how users use it is that it’s not just a platform for sharing pictures but also for sharing content.

A blogger’s Instagram timeline is usually one of the first places a brand or reader visits to get a feel of what the blogger is like and what they do. So it is very important as a blogger, to have timeline that is visually appealing, attractive and also a clear depiction of what you blog about!

Now ‘instagraming‘ comes naturally to some people and not so naturally to others. Some have a natural flare for visual content creation and others need a little more guidance. So if you find that you struggle with making your Instagram timeline look ‘good’ or just don’t like the way it looks, then why not consider an Instagram theme.

Here are a few examples that are popularly used by bloggers and brands!


Choose an Instagram filter and use it for all your pictures. Whether it’s at a 100% intensity or at a reduced intensity. Using a filter is definitely one of the easiest ways to keep your pictures looking and feeling the same. Even Kim Kardashian uses one!

Alternate blocks

Very straight forward and also quite easy to do. Whether you choose to use a white block or a coloured block it’s completely up to you! If your blog has a particular colour scheme, why not try using it on your Instagram as well? You can include a quote, a tip or some information in your block and that way it’s not just a random picture.  – It’s all about branding

White bordered pictures

Again, very straight forward. All you have to do is ensure your picture has a white boarder around it before you post it. You can either use thin borders (like the picture on the left, or thick ones like the picture on the right).

You can add borders to your pictures using an external photo app like Pic Stich or double tap on any Instagram filter, adjust the intensity using the slide bar (or reduce to 0% if you don’t want to use a filter), click on the box to the right of the slide bar and voila! Boarder added

Colour Scheme

You can also choose a particular colour that you love or would like your Instagram to be associated with and post pictures that always have that colour highlighted in them!

I’m sure by now you realise that the combinations are endless! You can mix and match any of the examples given above or maybe even invent your own.

Hope this helps!

Demi x

2 thoughts on “Ever heard about Instagram Themes

  1. Okay, so I wasn’t even aware of these themes.
    I’d really love to check them out.
    And I totally agree with brands scrutinising a Blogger’s IG account to get a feel of what the blogger is like.
    I do it myself.


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