Danie’s Corner – You Won’t Believe Every Blogger Likes These 6 Things….

I never dreamt of becoming a blogger so none of these things used to trip me but suddenly, I realise they do. And as bloggers, we are alike in that aspect which is why I just created this list to share with you guys, they might be mundane to anyone else but not to a blogger.

1. Comments – I think this is something that every blogger likes, comments on their blog posts, on their social media, Instagram, everywhere. Like my heart literally skips a beat when I get a new comment especially on my blog because one, I’m so excited that someone was engaged in my post enough to comment and secondly, I’m eager to know what they wrote there. If you’re a blogger and you don’t like comments, ermmm… you probably need to check yourself unless maybe it dies down after you have been blogging for a while, I don’t know. So when you visit someone’s blog, at least leave a comment on the blog instead of sending a private message or telling them when you see them in person how awesome the post is, it makes them  us happy especially the long, thoughtful comments.

2. Shares – Every blogger likes shares. Share their blog posts and pictures, re-tweet tweets, status updates,  just shares on everything and everywhere possible makes us happy.

3. Mentions by followers in other places – It’s an honouring feeling for you or your blog to get mentioned somewhere by a reader or a follower or even a friend when you never even asked them to, could be over the internet or in a physical situation.

5. Email Subscriptions – If you have a couple of blogs you absolutely love and keep going back to, why not sign up for the email subscription so you never miss out on a post, receive exclusives, be the first to know about giveaways, updates and other good stuff. All bloggers love to get new subscribers, it’s a fact.

6. Recognition – I have heard several creatives say they felt like all the work they had been doing for years finally paid off when they were recognised by a brand, an agency or by anything/anyone really for their content and work in general. It’s a satisfying feeling.

6. Personal feedback from readers – those moments when someone you have never ever met before sends you a message or leaves a comment about how they love your blog or your channel, how you inspire them, speak to them through your posts, it’s just a heart-melting and eye-teary feeling to get such feedback and there’s no blogger on earth no matter how successful who doesn’t love to receive such. So keep them coming.

If you have any more things you think are bound to make a blogger happy, scream, shout and let it all out, let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear your thoughts especially after reading number 1.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. Thanks for reading till the end. Have an awesome week ahead. Happy blogging!

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