Danie’s Corner – New to blogging? Here’s How To Get People to Notice Your Blog

Sometimes, you put a post together or sometimes several posts only to find that no one is reading or very few people read it. This is a post you put a lot of work, sweat, creativity, skill and effort into and before hitting publish, you read it over and over again and it seemed to you like a really good piece. Why is no one reading? it’s probably because people don’t even know such a blog exists. I watched some YouTube videos about getting setup as a blogger and getting your blog out there which is really key and put together this list that you can follow to get your new blog out there and get people to notice you and your work.

  • Content – Get as much content out there as you can. Put up posts that you will like to read so that when people visit your blog they can have so many posts to read at once.
  • Photography – Have good, big and clear photos.
  • Blog design – Having a nice design can make your blog stand out but it must not be perfect at the beginning.
  • Join Bloglovin and get your blog out there so that people can follow and keep up with your blog.
  • Social Media – Get your blog on social media and promote yourself, blow your own trumpet even though we may not like it sometimes. But if you don’t shout yourself out, who will?
  • Do not spam people – One way to NOT get people to check out your blog or channel is by sending them messages or leaving comments over and over telling them to check out your blog or channel. Leave a thoughtful comment instead and include your blog link at the end.
  • Join blogger networks and take part in blogger chats.
  • Interact with other bloggers on social media.
  • Guest posting – offer and reach out to create guest posts for other big bloggers. Helps people to discover and trace you to your blog.
  • Post parts of your actual content on your social media pages because not everyone will have the chance to visit your actual blog.
  • Be patient! With time, your blog following will grow as long as you keep up with good content and blog with your heart. You will get noticed and recognised.

Do you have any more tips for newbie bloggers to get noticed and put their blog out there? Share them in the comments below. Thanks for reading till the end.

Happy Blogging!


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