Danie’s Corner – 50 Festive Blog Post Ideas For The Christmas/Holiday Season.

Can you believe it’s December already? If you read the post HOW TO COME UP WITH FANTASTIC BLOG POSTS IDEAS, you remember that putting up trendy posts about holidays and seasons are one way to do that and generate traffic from the constant searches online. Christmas season also features several Christmas themed posts from our favourite bloggers and YouTubers that we look forward to. Don’t leave your blog and readers behind, here is a list of blog post ideas for fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel and food bloggers.


  1. Christmas blog theme – Get your blog looking all festive and ‘Christmassy‘ by getting a Christmas theme, switching up to Christmas colors, a festive blog banner, Santa’s pictures on your side bar, on your social media, etc. Anything that gives your blog and readers a Christmas feel.

2. Gift guide – Gift guides for him, her, parents, children, friends, family, etc.

3. Personal Christmas Wish list

4. Host a Christmas giveaway – ‘Tis the season of giving so why not giveaway to your loyal followers this Christmas and promote your blog in the process.

5.Christmas inspired makeup looks

6. Look book – Holiday party outfits

7. DIY Christmas cards

 8. DIY Christmas decorations

9.Christmas decoration  haul

10. Home Christmas decor ideas

11. Dorm-room Christmas decor ideas

12. Look book – How to style your Christmas jumper

13. Festive get ready with me

14. Winter clothing haul

15. Winter clothing wish list

16. Christmas inspired nail art

17. Christmas photo blog post

18. Your favorite Christmas recipes

19. Your favorite Christmas songs

20. Your favorite Christmas movies

21. What I wore on Christmas day

22. Look book – Christmas day church outfit inspiration

23. Hairstyles for the holiday season

24. How to wear/choose a red lip this Christmas

25. Top 5 Red lips for Christmas season

26. Christmas hamper ideas

27. Travel tips for the holidays

28. Essentials for your Christmas break trip

29. Places to travel to this Christmas

30. Places to visit this Christmas

31. Best restaurants to eat at this Christmas on a budget

32. Where to go for your Christmas eve/ Christmas dinner

33. Blog about any Christmas event you attend

34. What I got for Christmas

35. Your favorite Christmas tree decorations

36. Christmas sales haul

37. Your favorite Christmas books

38. Holiday desserts Recipe

39. Christmas treats and snacks

40. Christmas party decoration ideas

41. Christmas Lunch/dinner ideas

42. How you celebrated Christmas as a child vs. how you celebrate Christmas now.

43. Cute dresses for Christmas

44. Day to Night Christmas outfit ideas

45. How I celebrated Christmas last year

46. What Holidays are like at my house?

47. Share some photos of ‘Santa/Father Christmas and I’ over the years

48. Review a brand’s Christmas range or Christmas product collection

49. Do the Christmas Tag on your blog

50. Vlog about How You spent Christmas Day

Hope this list gives you some inspiration.

What Christmas themed posts do you have coming up? Leave your thoughts in the comments section and thanks for reading.

Happy blogging!!

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