Danie’s Corner – 16 Blog Post Ideas For the End of Year Season.


  1. Trends of 2016 – You can make a post about the top trends ın your niche whether it’s fashion, beauty, lifestyle, fitness, food anything.
  2. Predict trends /things to expect in the new year.
  3. Top posts on your blog – Create a post highlighting your most popular posts based on traffic, views and comments.
  4. Your favorite posts from other blogs – You can create a roundup posts of the best posts from other blogs you have come across this year and show some love to your fellow bloggers in the process.
  5. Do a year in review post of your blog, your life, your business, etc .
  6. Lessons you have learned this year.
  7. ‘Best _____ of the year’ list or roundup in whatever niche you are .
  8. ‘Worst ____ of the year’ list, the opposite of the best list.
  9. Get your readers feedback – Do a post asking your readers for feedback, you can include a survey or type of form for them to fill.
  10. Share your plans and goals for the new year.
  11. Share your goals and achievements of this year.
  12. Give your own awards – you can do a fun post where you become an awarding giving body and give awards or recognition to people and brands in your niche. E.g. Best affordable makeup brand of the year award goes to ____.
  13. Your year in pictures – Create a photo blog post about the entire year.
  14. New year’s eve related posts.
  15. My top/most liked photos on Instagram.
  16. Record a video message for your readers, sharing highlights of your year, future plans and special wishes to them as well.

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