4 Ways To Get More Brand Collaborations In 2017

It’s a new year and this is surely the time to draw a new strategy for your blog. Apart from engagement, getting more traffic, collaborations will also push your blog out there and give your statistics a spike. So, how do you get more brand collaboration this year?

  1. Get their attention: This is more like the introduction stage where you want the brand to notice you. So, you can start by maybe reposting one of their pictures or wisely including them in your caption on social media just to grab a bit of their attention. This you need to be careful. There is no point of just including them in any caption that has nothing to do with them or tagging them in 24 pictures. That will be seen as spamming. You are a blogger, so get creative.
  2. Be real: You need, to be honest with you. The point isn’t to just work with brands but with brands you genuinely love. Being real can be shown by liking their pictures, commenting and even recommending them.
  3. Show some love: You don’t have to wait forever or comment for a year to work with a brand. If you sincerely love this brand then patronise them. This way, you can tag them when you take a picture with their item. This also pushes you forward to be noticed and they can really see you totally relate and suit their brand.
  4. Contact them (Reach out): Reach out to them. Don’t ever be afraid to reach out to brands if you are clear with: What you are offering their brand, How you will impact their brand and how you intend to push their brand forward. [The least they can say is NO]


Don’t forget to comment…Share ways you’ve used to get more collaborations in 2016 below.

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11 thoughts on “4 Ways To Get More Brand Collaborations In 2017

  1. I totally agree, but what if you dealing with international brands, the sending of products from one region to the other can harm your opportunity to collaborate with them?


    1. You can try to negotiate the delivery or give them more reason why they should collaborate with a blogger in another region!


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