3 Ways To Help Your Blogging Career Thrive In 2017

3 Ways To Help Your Blogging Career Thrive In 2017

Personality: We need to hear your voice while reading your post. Let your personality shine through the post for people to be able to relate it to who you are. If you are true to yourself, trust that your readers will see that and make them come back for more. The worst thing you can do to your blog is trying so hard to be who you’re not. 

“Stay True To Yourself And Your Readers Will Stay Loyal To Your Blog”

Networking: Increase your networking skills to boost your blog visibility and awareness. Be one of those one-time blogger photographers or media personalities spot at every event. The more you put yourself out there, the better it is for your blog. Go to important events related to your blog niche to meet fellow bloggers or important personalities in the industry.

“Increase your Network To Boost Your Networth”

Collaboration: This is the follow up of the previous point. The more you network, the higher it is to get better collaborations either with fellow bloggers or brands. Don’t ever think blogging is a competition. There is enough space for uniqueness in the industry. Instead of worrying too much about how another blogger is getting likes and products from brands. Approach them to work with them. There are so many advantages for both parties when collaborating. Even big and popular bloggers still use collaboration as a means to always re-introduce themselves to new readers, niches and market.

“There is enough space for everyone”

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7 thoughts on “3 Ways To Help Your Blogging Career Thrive In 2017

  1. Love this post. Especially the fact that there is enough space for everyone. This year, I’m trying to network more and go for blogger events.



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