Danie’s Corner – How to Have Nice Blog Photos Without a Professional Camera…..

How to Have Nice Blog Photos Without a Professional Camera…..

You know by now that pictures and graphics boost the overall look and feel of your blog and blog posts. And for most if not all niches of blogging, you need pictures to show your readers exactly what you are talking about, how it looks like and so on. Some niches more than others but you at least need a title photo. Many people who have the idea of starting a blog or becoming a social media influencer keep pushing or postponing things all because they do not have a professional camera. Now a professional camera is good and can take the presentation of your blog to another level but to be honest, they don’t come cheap and most if not all bloggers start blogging as a side hustle or a hobby. So before you can save up and get yourself a DSLR or something more glamorous, here are ways you can still have nice looking photos by making the most of what you have.

  1. Use your phone camera – If you have no other photo taking gadget, you at least have a phone that has a camera and if you don’t, you have friends or family who do. Make do with your phone camera to take your blog pictures at least for now until there’s a much better option and to be honest, the phone cameras these days have very high resolutions and take bomb pictures.
  2. Use any other small camera – If you have any other digital camera that takes clear and presentable pictures, you can use it as well to capture whatever it is you want to post online.
  3. Edit! For professional editing, you might require some skill, especially when using photoshop and you may have to pay for it. Instead, use other free or cheap editing apps to edit your pictures, adjust some aspects, add some effects and make them look so much nicer. You can find some photo editing apps used by other bloggers in this post – Blog on The Go Apps Every Blogger Needs To Make Life Easier From Top Fashion Blogger
  4. Lighting – taking your pictures in good lighting especially in natural light is a good way to make them stand out whatever the device you’re using. So if you are using your phone, for example, make your pictures come out nicer by shooting or snapping in good lighting.
  5. Make use of non-copyrighted photos – These are photos you can take and use on your blog or social media without any attribution or referencing. Two sites I use are com and pexels.com, just search for what image you are looking for, download and use as you wish.
  6. Use canva to create stunning graphics – Like I said, photoshop can be a struggle especially as a beginner. A lot of bloggers swear by picmonkey but I personally discovered, love and stick to canva to create graphics for my blog. It’s free and easy to navigate plus the options are endless. You can learn more about working with canva in this post – How To Create Beautiful Graphics For Your Blog And Social Media Easily By Your Self With Canva
  7. Get your photographer friends to help you – Don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask for help or assistance from your friends who are photographers or who own professional cameras. Even if you can’t pay them, you can always work something out if they require something. Some bloggers have friends, family, significant others who are photographers/videographers if you fit into this category, good for you! If not, don’t be afraid to ask for help from someone else, the worst they can say is no and you can always find another option. Some photographers are willing to collaborate with bloggers.

I hope this post is helpful and resourceful. How do you get your blog photos to be on point if you don’t own a professional camera or how did you do it prior to getting one? Thanks for reading. Happy Blogging!!

5 thoughts on “Danie’s Corner – How to Have Nice Blog Photos Without a Professional Camera…..

  1. I’ve had VSCO for a long time, but didn’t really understand how to use it until recently…I use my phone for now.


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