Finding Your Blog Niche: How To Know & Blog About What You Really Love

Find your blog niche

Finding Your Blog Niche

There are so many niches in the blogosphere and even sub niches as well. It’s good for your blog to be focused even though as humans we may sometimes have numerous interests and over time, you find out your blog has derailed from the main focus you had at the beginning, it’s sending so many different messages to your readers and you can’t exactly say this is what my blog is about. On another hand, it’s easy to get carried away by what other bloggers are doing, you might want to imitate their kind of content and you quickly get burned out and lose the passion and creativity because that’s not what you are really about. How do you know what kind of posts or writing style or content type is right for you? Few things to watch out for when trying to find your blog niche:


  1. Write about topics you have either experienced yourself, learnt about and you know very well about. Don’t read other posts and try to repeat the same thing in your own words when you yourself haven’t experienced or experimented with such things ever in your life. You won’t be able to communicate it enough and your readers won’t feel a connection. You yourself won’t feel connected to your posts unless you are just pretending.


  1. Write about topics that you yourself would like to click and read. Don’t just blog about anything. You are a potential reader of another blog as well. Ask yourself, “if I saw this post on another website, would I be interested in it? If not, cross it out”

3. Blog about topics that you know in a billion years you can never get tired of talking about, learning about, reading about, speaking about, teaching about. That’s how creativity and new ideas keep coming because it’s something you feel strongly about.


  1. Write about topics that are dear to your heart. If they are topics you don’t care about as a person, and you choose to go into them just for the sake of keywords, popularity or whatever, you’re going to get stuck sooner or later.



  1. Blog about topics you will be excited about hitting publish on. Posts that you can’t wait for the world to see not posts that are half-heartedly put together or have no solid facts.


  1. Write in your own voice. Don’t write like another blogger who has a huge following. Write like you. Have a conversation with your readers.


Hope this helps someone discover what they and their blog should really about and they can tailor their content to reflect their very best. Don’t be afraid to take down any posts that you feel don’t reflect your best. Any thoughts or additions? Please share in the comments. Thanks for reading and happy blogging! Previous post HERE

2 thoughts on “Finding Your Blog Niche: How To Know & Blog About What You Really Love

  1. There’s really nothing better than writing in your own voice, it shows originality and helps you connect with your readers better.


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