Danie’s Corner – How To Correctly Approach Another Blogger For A Collaboration (Step By Step Guide)

For so many reasons, some bloggers find it difficult approaching other bloggers especially the ones they don’t know so well to pitch or propose a collaboration idea to them. One of these reasons may be the fear of rejection or a contrary response. Apart from the fact that you should feel the fear and approach the blogger anyway because the worst that they can say is no or that they are not interested, some of us don’t actually know the manner in which to get through to a blogger we want to collab with.

The first thing you want to ask yourself is will this person and their blog be beneficial to me. Make sure that the blogger you want to collaborate with has an audience that you also desire or target but haven’t been able to reach yet. This collaboration should boost your reach and visibility. Once you’ve determined that this collaboration is right for you and you have an awesome idea that will be beneficial to all parties, you can now follow this step by step guide especially for those are new to networking and working with other bloggers.

Step 1: Visit their blogs! Duhhh….! How can you want to approach a blogger whose blog you haven’t even visited and read through. How do you know what kind of content they put out and if it fits with you and your blog contents.

Step 2: Connect with them on social media. Follow them on Instagram, twitter. Like their pictures, leave thoughtful comments, retweet and favourite their tweets.

Step 3: Find out if they are right for the collaboration. Like I said earlier, do they have an audience you are interested in?

Step 4: Look for a way to contact them. Check their website for a contact form or look under the ‘ABOUT’ or ‘CONTACT/COLLABORATION/WORK WITH ME’ menu of their blog for an email or any contact information. You can shoot them an email, DM them on IG, etc

Step 5: Start off by introducing yourself, your blog and how you came in contact with them. For example, you follow their blog and try as much as you can to commend their blog and work. Every blogger loves to hear this.

Step 6: Propose your collaboration idea and explain it in detail.

Step 7: Highlight what all parties stand to benefit from the collab as well as each person’s inputs.

Step 8: Ask for the other blogger’s ideas or inputs on the proposal so that everyone has a say and everyone is contributing. Don’t make it seem like you are forcing your idea down their throat.

Step 9: Finalise on the date, day, time, location, logistics, technicalities and other specifics so no one is caught unawares.

Step 10: Keep in touch during and after the collab, this is how long term blog relationships and connections are built.

Hope these 10 steps guide is as explanatory and helpful as possible. Wish you a successful collaboration. If you don’t know where to find a blogger, this is an amazing platform to begin from. Please share in the comments any thoughts or additions you have. As always, thank you for reading!

7 thoughts on “Danie’s Corner – How To Correctly Approach Another Blogger For A Collaboration (Step By Step Guide)

  1. Amazing post! As a novice blogger I’ve always wondered how this is done.
    👏 Cool Content… Can someone kindly throw more light on some of the benefits the other Blogger(the one with the higher audience) stands to achieve from someone like me with a much less audience… Thanks😊


  2. This is very useful, Thank you. I have also wondered! How do you put out to the other party how beneficial it will be to him/her? Because as it is, you have very little audience compared to the other party! So what do you say to the other party? because i am sooo clueless😩


  3. Really good post especially the part about being sure what the other blogger has meets what you require. And the implied etiquette bit. We complain as bloggers but we rarely deliberately follow other bloggers or respond until we need something and even then we do it in a manner that breeds distrust. Thanks for this


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