Danie’s Corner – Little Extra Things To Do For Blog Success This Year

Remember this post, 7 Things To Start Doing To Be Successful With Your Blog This Year. Well, this is another more personalised list of things to take your blog to another level this year. They are some of my personal goals for the year

  1. Start monetizing your blog with affiliate links. Tonnes of bloggers are earning 6 figure incomes through affiliate marketing and so can you too. Get started with popular affiliate programs and networks like amazon associates, Shareasale, Linkashare, Pepperjam and Commission Junction.
  2. Start collaborating with brands on sponsored content and promotions. Get started by checking out this post – 4 Ways To Get More Brand Collaborations In 2017
  3. Build your blog readership, set goals and milestones and accomplish them. Read 3 Ways To Help Your Blogging Career Thrive In 2017, 18 Ways To Build Loyal Blog Readers And Make Them Come Back… and New to blogging? Here’s How To Get People to Notice Your Blog.
  4. Build your social media followers.
  5. Create brand awareness.Let people know who you are and what you do.
  6. Create a media kit for your blog. If you really want to get serious about making money for your blog and working with brands, you need a media kit to get started right.
  7. Up your content. Make up your mind to only put up unique, resourceful, never seen before content that will keep people coming back consistently. Read How To Create Beautiful Graphics For Your Blog And Social Media Easily By Your Self With Canva and How To Come Up With Fantastic Blog Post Ideas.

So those are some of my 2017 blog goals. What are your goals for 2017 and how are you working to make sue your blog and brand gets there? Thank you for reading. Happy Blogging!


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