5 Reasons Nigerian Brands Won’t Want To Work With You!

Nigerian brandsIt’s very easy for bloggers to sit around and complain about how they never land blogger jobs. On the other hand, some bloggers may have worked with a few brands and wonder why that collaboration didn’t open doors for other jobs! It’s simple – the brand may have lost interest in you or you may have done something that they didn’t quite like. Other brands may have also followed your collaboration with brand X and disliked the turnout or delivery of the job.

So let’s help you avoid making the same mistakes with the next job you do! Here are 5 reasons Nigerian brands may not want to work with you and how to avoid them.

5 Reasons Nigerian Brands Won’t Want To Work With You!

  Poor Photography 

Regardless of what niche you belong to, photography is one of the key things that every blogger needs to sort out! The quality of your pictures, the angles items are taken from and the general representation of a brand’s product, location and so on it paramount to a successful collaboration. Brand’s love to see their items displayed in the most creative and attractive way.

Brands and people in general love good quality pictures. So it should come as no surprise that brands expect creatives to be… creative in the way they photograph anything that concerns them ESPECIALLY when you’re working on a collaboration. If reviewing beauty or fashion products, food or a book, why not create a bomb flat-lay with the items in question?

If reviewing a location, why not look for the top attractions on site and photograph them from the most beautiful angle you can find? If you don’t have the equipment to take the pictures you like, explore options like borrowing a camera from a blogger friend or hiring a photographer for a few hours. If you want brands to keep working to you, then put a little effort into the job.

Forced Content

Nothing upsets me personally more than forced content. By forced content, I mean videos or blog posts that clearly show no enthusiasm. When working with a brand in any way, it is important to always remember that the tone or voice used and the mode of delivery should be fun and appealing.

Remember, the point is to leave people feeling positive about the brand if you genuinely love the brand’s service/product or to give CONSTRUCTIVE feedback and not tarnish the reputation of any brand. Constructive feedback is more likely to keep brands working with you that a bad damaging review of a brand.

So let’s help you avoid making the same mistakes with the next job you do! Here are 5 reasons Nigerian brands may not want to work with you and how to avoid them.

Non-Professional behaviour

Lack of constant and effective communication, replying emails late, not informing the brand of changes that affect them, using non-professional language, using slang words like ‘ba’ ‘shey’ ‘sha’ ‘lol’ ‘btw’ ‘abi’ and so on is a major turn off for any professional work. You always need to represent yourself in the best way possible.

The ‘User attitude”

The user attitude simply means when bloggers accept to work with a brand or approach a brand with the sole purpose of only taking any benefit they can for themselves. Unfortunately, not many bloggers realise it is very easy to spot a user when you see one and this is definitely bad for business. Sometimes you may not even realise it and may unconsciously exhibit certain ‘User’ traits. A few of such behaviours include

  • No follow up after the collaboration – i.e. updates on the outcome of the job such has how many people read/viewed the review; how much engagement was generated, etc
  • No further interest in the brand after the collaboration – i.e. you stop interacting with the brand’s social media accounts
  • No follow-up content, such as not posting images of the products you received after the initial post or not including the brand’s product in any other post and so on…

These are only a few but I’m sure you get the gist

Wrong brand choice

Last but not the least is choosing to work with the wrong brand. Always ensure that the brands you choose to work with are brands that you are likely to patronise on a regular day whether or not you collaborate with them. If you choose the jobs you take on carefully, all the above points will not even be topics for discussion as you will represent them in the best way you can, you’ll talk and blog about them at any chance you get, you will keep interacting with the brand in question and everyone in you network will know you genuinely like the brand in question.

Hope this helps!

Demi x

6 thoughts on “5 Reasons Nigerian Brands Won’t Want To Work With You!

  1. Cool tips especially the point with the photography, struggled with that for the longest times but getting better. And as for the forced content it’s not pretty. As for the point on the use of unprofessional language I believe it subjective to the branding of the blog. For example bloggers like Sisiyemmie can get away with slangs because its her unique voice. Not saying I don’t get your direction but it depends.

     Princess Audu 


  2. Really hope I can remember these tips when I eventually get to a level of blogging where I work with other brands! I’ll definitely be selective to make sure I flow well with the brand!


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