Blog Tips: 5 Other Ways To Make Money From Blogging Apart From Affiliate Marketing

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5 Other Ways To Make Money From Blogging Apart From Affiliate Marketing

Several people take the route of affiliate marketing when it comes to monetizing your blog. However, many affiliate programs have strict conditions and sometimes the process of making money from it can look like a long journey.

You’ve been blogging for a while with high traffic and you want to finally jump in the monetizing waggon. Here is the point you start searching around and looking for several other means to make some extra cash. There are several alternatives to making some little cash from your blog even when you don’t have advert popping up daily. Here is a quick run through several ways to make money from your blog apart from affiliate marketing:

  1. Creating and Selling your own product: This is a great idea if you have enough cash to kick start your business as you already have an audience (Potential customers) visiting your blog daily. According to experts, bloggers selling their own products make more money than affiliate marketing as no platform is taking out any extra fee from your earning.
  2. Ebook: Are you a great writer and know how to come up with a great story or contents people want to read? Why not write and sell your own ebook online. A website like Kindle Direct Publishing can help you with this.
  3. Freelance writing: Writing for another website in the same niche as your blog can be a cool way to earn extra cash.
  4. Sponsored post: Sponsored post simply means writing about a particular product or brand. It sometimes look like press release
  5. Review: Depending on the brand, review a product can come along with extra paid cash. You get a product then get paid.

*It’s great to make money from blogging, however, don’t be too focused on the money. Your passion for writing needs to be intact and solid. If you are just writing for money and constantly publishing sponsored post. Your readers will notice and it can be a big turn-off for some people.

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