Blog Tips: Where To Share Your Blog Post For More Views & Boost Your Blog Traffic

boost blog traffic

Where To Share Your Blog Post For More Views & Boost Your Blog Traffic

After taking the time to gather information and create a great unique content, it’s time to publish and get people to read it. Here are few platforms to share your blog post for those extra clicks, views and boost your blog traffic:

  1. Blogging/Bloggers Facebook groups: There are several blogging/bloggers Facebook you need to join to share your blog-post. Do not overlook any platform at all. Up till date, Facebook remain one of the higly converting platform for view/clicks as it’s easy to re-direct people to your blog.
  2. Twitter: If you are very active on tweeter, rather than just contributing to popular topics, why not start a conversation related to your blog-post and watch how people take interest and click to read more.
  3. Quotes: This is a bit tricky but its actually smart, especially on Twitter. Post a quote picture with a short caption along with the shortcode link to your latest post. People love to re-tweet quotes. From there, your quotes/link can be re-tweeted several times with possibility of more people clicking on the link.
  4. Follow/Read other bloggers post: I know not everyone is patient enough to drop a comment but if you have bloggers you truly love. Read their latest post and try to leave a genuine comment along with short link to your blog.
  5. Self Promotion (Shameless behaviour): In this case, you need to be shameless and blow your own trumpet. Ask friend and families to share your latest post. Trust me, it can spread your post wider than you can ever imagine.


Thank you for reading

Maryam Salam [Instagram: @itsmaryamsalam]


What other ways do you use to promote your post?

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