Printastic Moment With Grass Fields

grass fields jumpsuit

Ankara jumpsuit

African print jumpsuit

(Photography by Selma – Instagram: @selmaabdull)

Hey guys,

How are you all doing? Wow, it been a while and it feels good to be back on writing and most especially styling some interesting pieces. A lot has changed but so far, I am enjoying the NEW me and embracing everything that comes with the change.

Grass Fields:

Today’s post is focused on this beautiful ‘printastic African print jumpsuit from the popular Grass fields clothing (It’s currently on SALE). What I love most about this jumpsuit [Well, I love jumpsuits generally] is the colour and fitting.

Lately, I have fallen in-love with ‘tomato red’ (Like I call it). It’s perfect on dark-skinned and just let your skin pop out. Wide leg trend is back on trend for summer and suitable for the hot weather. 

I’ve heard about Grass Fields before they contacted me and their pieces are just unique. They mostly do limited edition pieces. So, when you are loving one of their items, mmake sure to grab it as soon as possible. You can check them out on Instagram @grass_fields when you can find all their details.

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Maryam Salam

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What are your thoughts on this look? | Any trend you would like me to style?

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