Casually Confessing On The Blog Like Nothing Happened! [Ramadan Inspired]

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Bag from AILY (Instagram: @ailyofficial)

Casually Confessing On The Blog….

Initially, I didn’t plan to say this but because it’s Ramadan (Holy month), I have decided to confess. If you follow me closely on Instagram, remember I mention how this jeans jacket casually became mine. Originally, belongs to my dad, but my #InstaFam encouraged me to keep it (Just kidding, not blaming anyone) but then fast forward, this black oversized jumper also belongs to him but he isn’t aware, unlike the jacket.

Every time I go back to France, it seems I always come back with my dad pieces and rock it like an old piece long forgotten. Funny how my sister always fold it after wash back in his closet but my dad will nicely bring it back saying it’s mine. He has no clue that is one of his jumper [Are you wondering where I got my love for fashion for? Well, wonder no more, visit my dad’s closet]. How can you forget such a classic black jumper?!

Unlike me, when I lost a simple pair of socks, I know. So, imagine my jumper disappearing. I will turn my room around to look for it. Just because I know my dad sometimes read my blog, I am confessing: This jumper was yours but it’s now mine! 

Thank You, Dad.

Make a ‘Fashion Confession’ Below (Don’t pretend to be innocent, we’ve all done it before)

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to comment, let me know your thoughts on the look too! (Previous post here)

Instagram: @itsmaryamsalam

Snapchat: Fashionbydaisy

Photographer: Salma (Instagram: @selmaabdull)

Outfit details (Click red links to purchase):

Bag: AILY (Instagram – @ailyofficial), Jacket & Jumper: Dad’s, Joggers: H&M, Sneakers: Adidas Original

6 thoughts on “Casually Confessing On The Blog Like Nothing Happened! [Ramadan Inspired]

  1. It looks so lovely on you, I think you should keep raiding his closet lol! You’re such a beauty..your style is ✨✨


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