Business Tips: About With Ideal Of Sweden – My Top 5 Website For Daily Entrepreneurial Inspiration


Lately, I have been doing lots of self-educating in terms of growing a business and staying motivated as a young entrepreneur. Apart from following several entrepreneurs and business guru’s on social media. I like to take time out daily to read about what is going on in the business industry in general and entrepreneurship.

I believe researching about your business or industry isn’t just a one-time task. This is something you need to continuously do every-day in order to keep growing your business, enriching your knowledge and improving your entrepreneurial skills.

I’ve just recently started getting into hard-copy books reading but most of my readings happen online as it’s more convenient and suitable for learners on-the-go. So, let’s go straight into it. My top 5 websites are:

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Entrepreneurial Inspiration

  • is great for start-ups and general knowledge about how to improve your entrepreneurial skills and think like a successful entrepreneur. My favourite section on their website is the ‘How to’ which is more like a DIY/easy to learn tricks on becoming a better business owner. Secondly,
  • Inc.comis similar to but more detailed in terms of business planning. has categories such as Start-ups, grow, marketing, innovation etc. It’s great for days you really want to learn and research more about a specific sector of your business. Thirdly,
  • Quora: This can be described as twitter version for entrepreneurs. It is very interactive and active. This is a platform to ask questions about some topic or particular sector that isn’t very clear to you. You can read about people’s experience and opinion about a specific problem which is more relatable. Next one is,
  • Linked In: I know it is mostly known for networking but if you go to the home section, you can actually read about latest news and activities happening in your industry and sector. Depending on who you are following, it’s a great way to keep track about a particular person or company. Finally,
  • Business Insider UK: I love this one particular because it is focused on a smaller geographic. I am not sure if there a is business insider for every country but it’s a great platform to learn about your local industry and market. I believe as an entrepreneur, your target shouldn’t only be international but local and vice-versa. I might not have a business in the UK now but it gives you a local perspective of a particular business which you can get inspiration from to use in another country.

If you are building a business or wish to start a business soon, you should definitely check out these websites.

Please share your favourite entrepreneurial inspiration sources below, I would love to check them out…

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