Business Tips: 4 Things No One Will Tell You Before Starting A Small Business

starting a small business

I remember planning how I will apply everything I learnt on my marketing and branding course in my own little business after University. Afterall, this course was structured more like a ‘Business developement’ course, so, I should be ready to launch a business straight away without so much mistakes and struggle. Well, I was only messing with myself because regular business mistakes are not thought in school and no one will tell you everything you need to know. However, everyone can share their little experience and you can learn from their mistakes as well.

So, what are these few things I wish someone told me when I wanted to start my own “Business”? Knowing, I hesitate alot before making a decison but once I kick-start it, no going back. I still wish someone could replace that little voice that keep confusing me in my head. We all experience that moment we are energize to go for what we want but then, here comes the little voice messing things up for us. Fear no more, just take some inspiration from things I’ve learnt from my start-up small business so far. Starting a small business can be scary but with determination and resistance, you will definitely push through.

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4 Things No One Will Tell You Before Starting A Small Business

1.Ignore the speed/time and concentrate on the delivery: Many times we mostly over-estimate our business growth. Yes, you should have a target and goals for both short and long terms but if you don’t meet your target at a particular time, the last thing you want to do is to give up or be discouraged. It’s not about the speed or time but rather the delivery. What have you achieved? Are you consistent? Are you delivering based on quality rather than quantity? If you can confidently answer YES to all these questions, trust me. You are in a great position and stage in your business because if you continue doing what you do, surely you will get the results you are expecting.

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2. You don’t have to learn from your mistakes: Okay, this is a very tricky one. I know everyone like to throw around how you should learn from your mistakes etc but, you don’t have to make ‘some‘ mistakes. There are some mistakes that can be avoided. What about learning some things from experts in your field which will save you alot. That is why there are several platforms, seminars, workshops and training sessions where we can all learn to avoid doing it wrongly. Don’t blindly make a decision without analysed strategy simple because you believe if it goes wrong, then you will learn from it. Try to educate yourself about your business, industry, market, customers, environment in general to gain more knowledge and avoid ‘avoidable mistakes’.

3. You surely need help: Remember my post on how to build a team as a small business start-up? Well, this point is like a back up of that post. It can be one of the tougest decision to make but it is very important. I was scared at first of getting a total stranger involve into my idea, business and introducing him/her/them to my “small baby” (When you starting a business, its like your small baby and you just want to protect it with everything you have). But, sooner or later, I realised we all need help one way or the other. You will only disagree with this point if you don’t imagine your business growing than it is today. The more your business grows, the more help you will need but you just have to be very careful with your selections.

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4. Just start: Forget giving excuses like “I am still studying”, “I have a 9 to 5 job”, “I am very busy with this and that”, just start. If you really have passion for it, the excitement won’t let you delay further. I didn’t know I could balance my time nicely until I started working part-time, while studying full time and still trying to enjoy my social youth life. If you really want to do it, just start because eventually everything will fall in place and somehow, you will be able to find a balance. Although, it won’t be an easy journey, far from easy but at the end, you will be thankful for that day you started.

Those are the few things I’ve learnt so far, I hope this can motivate you to start bringing that idea in you to LIVE or use few things from here to shape your business.

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3 thoughts on “Business Tips: 4 Things No One Will Tell You Before Starting A Small Business

  1. I don’t run a business but I have two younger sisters who run businesses via Instagram mostly and go to school school full time, one thing I have really learnt is that you are never too young and you truly can do it all,as long as you’ve got passion and God!
    I never really thought about the mistakes issue but I really do agree with you.
    Great post as always!


    1. Thank you Desire…Ofcourse, I totally agree with you. Passion is very key….Thank you for reading….


  2. Great post! Clicked on this because I’m writing a similar post to this in the next few days! interesting that there’s only one thing they’ll have in common:)) I guess there’s a long list of things people won’t tell you.


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