Blog Tips: Are You Making These 6 Blogging Mistakes? [+ Solutions]

Blogging mistakes 

When starting a blog, it’s easy to get carried away with the excitement of starting and launching your platform. However, there are few things you want to avoid doing. It’s best to know these things now than several months or years after. One of the things that make a good blogger is one that is constantly finding an interesting and fresh way of getting his or her message across. 

Which is why I have started this ‘blogging tips‘ segment on my blog cos as you already know, apart from being a passionate business individual. I am very passionate about helping bloggers that are ready to learn and grow in general. So, let’s get straight into it. What are the blogging mistakes you should avoid?:

Are You Making These 6 Blogging Mistakes?

  1. Not replying to comments: I mean, why write an article without taking-in all the feedbacks and acknowledging it? Blogging isn’t a ‘Once publish – that all‘ business. I mean as a blogger, you need to visit your blog literally daily to check many things such as: Is the complete platform working well? Is there anything to correct or change in your article? You would be surprised at finding a typographical error after 3 days of publishing an article. And, most importantly, reply a comment as soon as it comes in. I used to be very lazy about this part but there is nothing worse than having an accumulation of comments without response. Plus, this is an opportunity of seeing any suggestions and post request from your readers.
  2. Setting unachievable schedule: I am very guilty of this and personally, I will say this is what most creative people struggle about. How many times have read “Sorry for my long break“, “Sorry for the late post” or “Sorry for not posting regularly“. Well, zillions of time. Most of us creatives find ourselves in this situation due to unachievable goals we’ve set at the beginning of the year or beginning of our blog launch. You need to set realistic schedule you can meet. I would say bloggers should post atleast twice a week, but if your schedule is really tight and you can’t meet up to that, just post once a week. Don’t be that blogger that post once a month, Nah!
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3. Unintentionally copying others: I know we all look for inspiration, in fact, if you are not that blogger who is constantly searching for inspiration, please do. Sometimes, we get carried away with others maybe by noticing their engagement or rise of likes or feedbacks on a particular post and we kinda think we should write the same. Stick to your type of writing and be original. Many times I see some bloggers writing about topics that really has nothing to do with their usual post/niche or contents and straight away as a reader I can notice. It’s either a sponsored post (Paid for just to be on their blog) or they are trying to be like another person. Blogging industry is small and people can notice immediately who you trying to copy. Take inspiration but don’t copy. I saw someone copy TBP brunch poster for one of their events and I was just smiling cos around 5 different people sent me the screenshot of their poster asking if I have seen it? Like, I didn’t even have to scream or be upset cos people are watching & they knew that was more than just taking inspiration.

4. Not building your email base: I made this mistake when I started blogging cos I had to learn many things myself. I didn’t know lots of blogs that write about blogging tips. Yes, I can search on Google but just felt like they were not really giving in-depth details. It took me a while before I started collecting readers emails. Of-course, it isn’t to bombard them with daily mail but you’d be surprised at how much traffic you can get from sending newsletters. So, the earlier you start collecting readers email, the better.

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5. One day promotion: I call this “One-day” promotion cos lots of us just tend to promote our blog-post only on the day we publish and wait till next time we publish to promote again. No, you don’t have to quit your day job before realising blogging is low-key a full-time job. I would usually promote my blog post on:

  • Facebook: Every post I publish automatically post on my Facebook but then I still go ahead sharing on my blog page and other blogging pages. I will do that 3 times before the next post goes up.
  • Twitter: As much as I am not a big fan of Twitter, I still have to literally force myself to use it. This is what you do as a creative. I promote at-least once on Twitter.
  • Instagram: For me, this is the top platform that generates most readers & drives traffic to my blog. So, I am literally promoting the blog-post there, everyday. [This is why you need to study your stats and know which platform most of your readers are coming from].
  • Pinterest: I have just started keeping to the routine of promoting on Pinterest. I can’t tell now if it is making lots of difference but you know me, I will get back to you in few months to tell you how it goes.
  • Other social platforms: Literally, promote your blog-post on social platform you use. Don’t be ashamed because this post won’t promote itself.

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6. Not using pictures: I know some people complain about no one can help to take their pictures or not having a great camera but do you know there are several websites out there you can get free pictures to use on your blog. No, you can’t just take any picture on Google and use it on your site. You can get into a big trouble for that. Like for real, you can be sued for using a picture without approval. So, not having images isn’t an option. No one wants to read a full article without a single picture/image – it is BORING! Just search online for platforms of photographers giving full approval of using their pictures. My favourite website is Pixabay.

— Oh, yes, Yesterday was The Blogger Point Bloggers Brunch in Lagos and it was a huge success.

A big THANK YOU to all the bloggers that came through, really appreciate.

Keep an eye on TBP website for official pictures from the brunch.

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11 thoughts on “Blog Tips: Are You Making These 6 Blogging Mistakes? [+ Solutions]

  1. Thank you so much for this. It really helped.
    I’m a new blogger, so please, I would need tips on building email lists and promoting posts on twitter, facebook(not one day promotions) and the other social media plaforms especially when the finance is not there.


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    suggest me any good plugin,i’m confiused.
    Thank you.


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