Business Tips: 5 Excellent Tips For Female Entrepreneurs

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5 Excellent Tips For Female Entrepreneurs

One thing I have noticed in the business world is how female entrepreneurs have been underrepresented. Especially in a country like Nigeria where I come from, before recent years, the word entrepreneur has mostly been associated with men. And, it’s a great thing to see how young women are taking over and making big moves lately.

Apart from my general aim of helping young entrepreneurs grow as I grow. Helping female entrepreneurs, in particular, is one of my priority. Here are few points that I managed to put together that can help other females reach a leading position in their fields and sectors:

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  1. You can do it: Regardless of the general stereotypes and social classification. You being a female should not pull you back from venturing into a particular sector, field or industry. If you really want to do it, ignore the gender and go for it. Lately, women have been bridging the gaps and blurring gender rating in fields like farming, engineering or construction. So, what are you waiting for?
  2. Be open to feedbacks: I know as women, some of us are very sensitive to particular comments or suggestions. So, getting some unpleasant feedbacks might not sit right with some but you need to develop a tough skin to get better in this ‘Entrepreneurship market‘. Feedbacks can come from anywhere including your customers, colleagues, workers, friends, families or strangers. Make sure no review go away unread or seen. You need to pay extra attention to negative reviews and take it as a call for improvement. 
  3. Be a learner: Like I always say: “All entrepreneurs should be a learner“. As much as you are doing your own ‘thing’, this is not an excuse to stop learning and striving for more. Being an entrepreneur is similar to a lifetime contract. Most of the things need to be done by yourself because at this stage, you are getting less or no guidance. Learning more should be part of your daily routine. We all have different ways of learning either by reading books, seminars, articles etc. Know your learning style and practice it.
  4. Surround yourself with positive people: You would be surprised at how much one can grow by surrounding themselves with only positive people. If they are not making you move forward or adding values to you in any type of way, drop them. Negative people are toxic and they will pull you down if not back.
  5. Plan big: As women, sometimes we underestimate what we can achieve and do. This is the time to wear your superwoman cape, fill your soul with confidence, believe in yourself and go for it. As a leader, confidence is very important while planning something big.

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I hope these points will help you take that big move into the entrepreneurship market. It is surely not an easy journey, however, it is achievable.

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7 thoughts on “Business Tips: 5 Excellent Tips For Female Entrepreneurs

    1. Hey Muna,

      Thank you for reading…Ofcourse, negativity is contagious. The earlier you stay away from it, the better…


  1. Well, the truth is, female entrepreneurship is emerging nowadays. But don’t think women have achieved everything, in fact, female entrepreneurship has a long way to go. Many people usually think that women are not fit entrepreneurship. Since they are just women, hence, they have always been marginalized in entrepreneurship. But according to the recent Global Entrepreneurship report, the rate of growth of entrepreneurship among women is ~8% more than that of entrepreneurship among men and if this growth rate remains stable, then the worldwide GDP may increase by ~28 trillion by 2025. Thus, instead of getting demotivated, women tycoons should follow the above tips, by which they can set an example in the field of entrepreneurship.


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