Blog Tips: How ‘Law Of Attraction’ Is Helping Bloggers Grow Their Blog In 2017 – You Need To Try It!

law of attraction

How ‘Law Of Attraction’ Is Helping Bloggers Grow Their Blog In 2017

Many times we try to do things and just find a way to talk ourselves out of it simply because we are too scared to accept it or rather thinking: “Who am I to tell people what to do or how to do it”? Well, here is where we are all getting it wrong. 

I remember when I was in University doing my undergraduate degree. When I meet people, I will struggle to tell them I study ‘Fashion Marketing and Branding’. Why? Well, as human, we generally judge people’s intelligence on their course of study. Especially in the midst of people studying Law, Pharmacy or Engineering. I was too scared and carried away with what the next person would think of me. Then, I always feel the need to prove my intelligence which somehow helped me cos I would take extra time to educate myself on other areas of life and strive to be the “Society” smart lady. However, that is still a bad mindset.

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Guess what, the moment I realised everything is all about the mindset, things changed for better in every aspect of my life. As bloggers, most especially when starting up, we struggle to introduce ourselves as bloggers. Why? Fear. But the moment you start applying the law of attraction in your blogging journey, things will spike up for good.

Wondering what is the ‘Law of attraction’? Here is a quick method:

law of attraction

  • THINK/WISH for it (Ask God, ask for help, ask yourself), START WORKING TOWARDS IT WHILE YOU BELIVE IN IT (Intention). Then, you will start seeing RESULT (Hard work pays)

Tips on how to use the law of attraction for your blog:

  • Set blogging goals: blog visit, clicks, comments
  • Set how many blog-posts you want to publish in a year (Keep referring to it)
  • Create favourite blogging list to read for daily/weekly inspiration
  • Set financial blogging goals: To purchase a new camera, tripod, lens etc
  • Set social platform goals…etc.

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So, what is the result of applying the law of attraction to your blog? Well,

  • You will regain your confidence:  Accepting that ‘you are a blogger’ and this is what you love doing will build your internal confidence which will shine through to people. Whatever you love doing either being a travel, DIY blogger or even creatives such as stylist, fashion designer or illustrator. Start calling yourself one and see how your confidence will get stronger over the time.
  • You will take your work more seriously: I heard the word ‘Blog-preneur’ from a friend and ever since I couldn’t stop calling myself that because it defines me perfectly. When you accept yourself for who you are, you will start taking your work seriously and thinking like a professional regardless of how small or big your audience is.
  • You will be taken seriously: If you start taking your blogging seriously, you will get better at what you do and now, people will start taking you seriously too. Like I always say: Personal branding is very key in everything you do. Put yourself out there the way you want to be addressed. Now, when a brand approaches you for collaboration. Prepare your media kit, statistics, testimonials and organise an official meeting or reply to their emails in a very professional way then watch how they will feel reluctant asking you for free jobs with no return for you…MINDSET MATTERS!

That was a long read! What are your thoughts about this post?

{I love reading your feedbacks – Please, comment below}

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28 thoughts on “Blog Tips: How ‘Law Of Attraction’ Is Helping Bloggers Grow Their Blog In 2017 – You Need To Try It!

  1. Loving these tips! Setting goals definitely helps me to keep focused, because I’m excited about what I can achieve when I put my mind to it. I still find it hard to introduce myself as a blogger though. Most people in my life don’t even know I have a blog, and I’m still figuring things out. Oh well, time will tell! I’m not ashamed of my writing. Lol, I can’t even imagine the reactions of people around me to the news if i said ‘I’m a blogger’, but I believe it will mostly be supportive. A great article!


    1. Thanks for reading dear…. I know that feeling of wanting to get everything right before putting ourselves out there. No pressure, take your time but remember eventually, you will have to do it…


  2. This wasn’t a long read at all, I almost didn’t want it to be done. I’m a blogger whether my audience is small or large. Thanks Maryam for this reminder.


  3. What a great post. I started realizing that taking myself seriously as a blogger and presenting myself as such had changed a lot of people’s mindset and showed that I actually mean business. I will prepare the media kit etc and approach brands more professionally and hope that they stop asking for free stuff.

    Nice post!

    Ash |


    1. You should definitely do that. You need to start believing then ppl will start seeing you the way you want to be seen.


  4. This is my first time on your blog. I must say I like your writing voice. Honesty always jumps out at me.
    Thanks for these tips. I know I need the courage to carry it out.
    I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I still publish blog posts but not having my own camera, good community and not having my own domain name often hinders me from claiming my title as a blogger.
    Step by step.


  5. Your tips are so good! Signing up for emails is the best idea for me. I look forward to emails! U do good work. The fact you knew wanted to do something in fashion so early on in ur life and u were brave enough to go for it is super cool!
    Also, I started posting streetstyle pictures and put on the stuff on WordPress but I don’t wanna put on my insta bio cos it’s so raw. Since reading ur article, I’ve changed my mindset and go for it. Thanks


    1. Anwwwww, Thank you for stopping by. I am glad I can motivate you in my own little way. This means so much to me…


  6. One word, WOW. So I’ve just been binge reading all your posts, opening plenty tabs so that I can go back to read the previous one and this one is just so so resourceful. I must confess that I score a 0% in making blog goals because I don’t yet see myself as a blogger or that blogging is a full time occupation. Thank you for this Maryam. I’m definitely going to draft my blog goals now


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