Danie’s Corner : 10 Hardcore Blogging Lessons I’ve Learnt In The Last 6 Months [ Part 2 ]

Blogging Lessons for becoming a successful blogger
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Blogging Lessons for becoming a successful blogger

Welcome to part 2 of 10 Hardcore Lessons Blogging has taught me in the last 6 months. If you haven’t read the part 1 of this two part post, catch up here. Like, I said in the part 1, this path way of blogging is an everyday learning experience, no matter how much you think you know, there’s still a lot you don’t know, so here are 5 more lessons I have to share with you guys hoping it helps, motivates, inspires and informs someone out there.

1. Everyone started from the bottom – This is something I have had to understand and we all need to understand when we’re trying to compare our selves, our content, our blogs, our work with other top bloggers/influencers. You need to know that everyone started from the bottom, no one just became an overnight success, they’ve worked hard for whatever you see them getting now.

2. Comparison is a killer – Do not compare yourself to anyone. I don’t think I can emphasize this. enough. It’s definitely not easy to not see what the other person is doing, the brands they’re working with, the followers they’re getting but try as difficult as it is to just focus on yourself, focus on creating better content, providing better values and building your own platforms, remember the grass is always greener where it’s watered.

3. Anticipate yes, but always expect and prepare for a no – Like I said in part 1, be prepared for rejections. Anticipate getting a yes from the applications you make, the collabs you want but don’t be crushed, demoralized and depressed if you get a no, move on and know that there’ll be more and bigger opportunities. Just keep doing what you’re doing.

4. Strive to be better, don’t remain in one spot – We should never become complacent, we need to always strive to become a better blogger, creating better content, providing better services to the brands we work with, spicing up things not boring your audience and readers with same old, same old.

5. Emulate not Imitate, Draw from and don’t envy – The industry is so full and I mean so surprisingly full with many talented and unique individuals and instead of being envious of another person’s success, we should study them, see what works for them, how do they film and edit, how do they write their captions, Visit their blogs, what makes them stand out, how do they engage their readers, go through their old posts, see how they have evolved, what are their strengths and how can you learn from that, learn not imitate!

Probably will do a part 3 to this cause I’m definitely learning some new lessons even right now and over the next few months, would have learned so much more. Share in the comments which ones you can relate to and what you have personally learned from blogging this year.

Talk you guys in the next post, thanks for and happy blogging!

Written by: Daniella Bature

One thought on “Danie’s Corner : 10 Hardcore Blogging Lessons I’ve Learnt In The Last 6 Months [ Part 2 ]

  1. I can relate to no-no comparism because people are not the same, hence, we write differently and about different things. I can also relate to striving to better than you were yesterday, it’s a growing process, everyone started small before growing g big and hardwork is key!


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