Blog Tips: 5 Phone Editing Apps I Use On Instagram….

Editing apps
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Editing apps

5 Phone Editing Apps I Use On Instagram….

Just because I get lots of DM’s on how I edit my pictures. Lately, I have been trying out NEW apps and I must say, I still very much prefer my old apps. I know revealing the actual apps one uses for editing in the blogging industry is like a top secret. Why? I can’t really answer to that too. Okay, as I want this post to be all about helping each other grow and getting better before we continue, repeat this slowly: “I promise to drop atleast 1 app I use for editing to help others in the comment box below”.

Oops, you’ve just promised everyone. So, let’s continue. I am giving out all my editing tricks and tips. Personally, editing is one of my favorite things to do. Sometimes, I just decide to edit on the bus or while I am just less busy to keep myself busy and occupied. For me, it’s like playing a game. Okay, we all use apps in 2017, so there is no point shaming each other. We are shamelessly going to slay together. Let’s dive into it: 

What I am wearing: Absolutely feels great shooting for the blog again. From my last trip to Nigeria, I was sent this gorgeous dress by a modest Nigerian brand called ‘The Indulgence Collection’. Their pieces are very modern and stylish which made me agreed to work with them in the first place. After checking out their Instagram page and glancing through their lovely styles, I knew I was going to fall In-love with their pieces. The quality is great and the finishing is one of the best I’ve seen for a new brand in the industry. To connect with them, check out their Instagram: @theindulgencecollection and or DM them directly for more details about their pieces. When contacting them, remember to reference Me/Fashionbydaisy blog. Also, if you ever get their piece, tag me and I will surely repost on my profile.

My top editing apps for Instagram are:

  • Perfect 365: Well, if you’ve watched my video on tips: How to start a blog here, you will remember the famous Perfect 365. This is my go-to app for face and skin (Close shots). 99% of my selfies go through this app just to clear out some little things on the face. So, when you click on ‘Looks’, you get the options:- Face, Lips, Eyes, Hair & Shape. Now, it’s up to you to play around with these options. Remember not to over-do it.
  • Airbrush: The only thing I love using in Airbrush is ‘Whitening’. This is what I use to whiten my background and make me stand out from the picture.
*Wait do you love vintage style? – Follow to see their lovely vintage pieces
  • Photogrid: This is my all time app for collage and merging pictures together. I’ve been using this app for over 3 years now without any problem even after updating several times. Definitely my all time and must-have app.
  • Vsco: Popularly used amongst influencers. Vsco is one of the ultimate apps to use if you want to be one of the ‘cool kids of Instagram‘. My favorite filters to use are A5 and HB2 when reduced to +5. You already know my theme is minimal and monochrome which is why my filter usage is very minimal.
  • BeautyCam: Okay, can we take 5 seconds to appreciate this underrated app?! Well, I call it underrated because people aren’t talking about it as much as they should. This app will take your flat lays from ‘bomb to bombastic‘. Just one touch on this app will smoothen, bright up your picture background and sharpen your picture for you. It’s a NEW app I have just started using recently and I am loving it already.

So, remember your promise? Well, it’s your turn to drop an app you use in the comment section below

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19 thoughts on “Blog Tips: 5 Phone Editing Apps I Use On Instagram….

  1. Actually am sherif a photograph based in Ghana (JVO studios) on Instagram…I use the snapseed app,photoshop express and Lightroom app


  2. I use Camera 360 and Snapchat almost everyday.

    PhotoGrid for some text effects

    Typorama for worded posts

    I’ve had VSCO since forever but I still don’t know how to play around it. Will try again after reading this posts. Thanks for sharing, Maryam.


  3. My fave editing apps will be snapseed and facetune. I just got them recently and I must confess, they are not soo bad. I am an android user so VSCO doesnt benefit me so much.


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