Danie’s Corner : How To Use Facebook to Drive Massive Traffic To Your Blog

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How To Use Facebook to Drive Massive Traffic To Your Blog

Today in this post, I’ll be sharing with you guys how you can use Facebook to drive organic traffic to your blog. If you’re a newbie blogger and just starting out, then Facebook might be one of the bests and initial ways to get your first set of readers.

Facebook is one of those social networking sites that have been around for some time and almost everybody is on Facebook. So Facebook is actually a great FREE tool that you can use to drive traffic to your site. So how can you do that:

Tip #1

Post Your Blog Link on Your Personal Profile : So you  probably have a Facebook account that you’ve had for years, you have friends, family, colleagues on there and some of us have up to 1000 if not more friends so you can post your link on there and if it’s a topic they are interested in, they may click through to your blog. And since these are your close friends, they may still click just to support and see what you’re up to which still equals eyes that are seeing your post.

Tip #2

Post Your Blog Links to Your Facebook Page: If you have a Facebook page of your own that you have a number of likes on, if you don’t, you should definitely create one for your blog and start building an audience there. It’s a good idea to post a link to your blog or any recently published post because those who like your page are those who genuinely like your content and want to see more posts and updates from you.

Tip #3

Share Your Link Across Facebook Groups: If you’re not in a lot of groups, then for the sake of your blog, you need to go out there, search for groups find them and join. Some groups require a join request while others you can join openly. Make sure you follow the rules of the group if there are and you can start posting your blog links there and interact with other people’s posts there as well. You can join as many groups as you can and you can share your link in as many groups as you possible.

Tip #4

Join Blogger Specific Groups that are mainly for bloggers to share and promote their posts, for example, our Blogger Point Facebook group and many other groups like that exist on Facebook as well. Just search for ‘Blogger’ or ‘Fashion Blogger’ or ‘Lifestyle Blogger’ from the search bar and under the group tab and you can find a lot of groups you can join, some have members in 1000’s, 10000’s, 100,000’s. Some you have to request to join and get accepted after some days and others you can join immediately. On there, you can share your blog posts and interact with other bloggers.

Tip #5

Promote Your Blog With Facebook Ads: Facebook ads are sponsored ads that Facebook will show to a specific target audience which you can select and when such people see these ads and are interested in your content, they may click through to your page or your blog.

Tip #6

Have a Facebook Share Button on Your Blog : So that when a reader stumbles on a post he/she loves, he can easily hit the Facebook share button and share that with his/her Facebook friends, making more people see it and if more people see it, more people click it and if more people click it, that is more traffic for you.

The best thing about Facebook is the power of a share. If one person shares a blog link on their Facebook timeline, you can imagine the number of eyes that are going to see it. Facebook is still one of my biggest sources of Traffic because I never fail to go on there and promote my posts. Facebook is a platform where people are always clicking to watch funny videos, comedy skits, news, interesting content and if your blog post is either needed, trending or has a very attractive title, then people are going to click through to it.

That’s it for today, share in the comments below if you have started taking advantage of Facebook to drive traffic to your blog or not and what other social media sites you use to drive Traffic apart from Facebook. We love to read your comments.

Thanks for reading and happy blogging! Also, read 5 Reasons Every Blogger Needs Google Analytics To Monitor Blog Traffic, Now! and  How Top Bloggers Make Their Money And What You Can Learn From Them.


Written by: Daniella Bature


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