Business Tips: How To Successfully Collaborate With Influencers To Boost Your Business X PDS

Disclaimer: Sponsored pieces, however, I have stated my honest opinion…

How To Successfully Collaborate With Influencers To Boost Your Business

Running The Blogger Point for over a year now has surely thoughts me so much about influencer marketing. According to emarketing, 48% of companies have decided to increase their influencer marketing budget in 2017, which is significantly higher than the previous years.

Influencer marketing is far from just working with every blogger in the industry and it is definitely not all about working with every blogger with the highest numbers of followers. [Scroll down to continue reading]

Before reaching out to an influencer for collaboration, kindly carefully do your research. To successfully collaborate with influencers, You should:

  • Set goals: What exactly do you want to achieve for your business as a brand?

Grow sales: Through personalized coupon code for influencer

Brand awareness: Grow your social media presence and following

Engagement: Increase number of page mentions or sight judge by numbers of comments on influencer post

  • Select your social media platforms:

Target audience: Where do you most have your audience? Instagram, Twitter or Facebook

Linking: Do you want to drive people to your website? This would be better to target influencers with great website engagement like blogs

Visual content: If you are looking for influencer to post great picture, you might want to target influencers with decent presence on Pinterest or Instagram

  • Find the perfect influencer for the business

Manual search: You might want to do the search yourself by checking on Google, Facebook pages/groups or Instagram search. But, be careful to thoroughly go through their profile

Influencer marketing platforms: For example, The Blogger Point is an influencer agency where we have a database of different influencers across Nigeria. We are able to prescribe and select the perfect influencer who can best represent your brand. These key points will definitely guide you through the journey of finding the right influencer for your brand, what to know 6 key things to consider when choosing an influence to work with? Everything will be in my next Business tips post Next week [Scroll down for details about my outfit].

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I am wearing this gorgeous dress from an Abuja based fashion brand called PDS By Chinnie. It’s a bespoke unisex clothing brand and OMG, guys, their pieces are lovely. If you have an event or occasion, PDS is the plug. I discovered them during my last trip to Nigeria; friendly and lovely team. Their pieces speak for themselves and materials are top notch. I wish you can feel the fabric quality yourself but for real I was blown away. Although the dress is a bit too long but maybe that because I was wearing flats, I am sure with heels you will manage to stop sweeping the ground like me.

I’ve been a bit picky with brands I work with lately simply because I want to make sure I give honest opinions about product reviews and there is no point just accepting to work with all brands if their quality isn’t recommendable. Anytime, anyday, I will surely recommend PDS to anyone. I still have more pieces I will be sharing with you guys so, stayed tuned.

If you wish to get in touch with them, you can either message them on Instagram @pds_bychinnie or email: Better still, call/Whatsapp: 08109301177. If you are based in Abuja, you can either visit them at: 13 Ezekiel Okoya crescent, Off 612 road, 7th avenue, Gwarimpa.

(Remember to tell them, you were referred by Maryam/@itsmaryamsalam)

Thank you for reading and see you on my next post.

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xoxo – Maryam


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