Blog Tips: 8 Reasons Why Brands Are Not Contacting You For Collaborations(+ How To Fix It…) X Wearall

Why Brands Are Not Contacting
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8 Reasons Why Brands Are Not Contacting You

Many chances are you are reading this post because you think you are getting brands collaborations as much as you should either this has been happening for long or it due to recent changes in your blogging journey.

At The Blogger Point, one of our aims is to create opportunities for bloggers which draw us to working with different brands and businesses. As well as the team being bloggers ourselves in different niches. So, I thought it would be of great help to share some insides wisdom as we can see from both blogger and brand side of the tunnel.

Not to waste any of your time, here are 8 reasons why brands are not contacting you or  might not be getting as much collaboration as you’d like or deserve:

8 Reasons Why Brands Are Not Contacting You

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  • No tailored/specific niche

Many brands or PR agency search bloggers by niche to make their work easy. A small or upcoming brand have enough time to go through Instagram and follow you for a while before approaching but big brands or PR agencies have limited time for a campaign or project. So, they tend to do a broad or brief search. It needs to be obvious what niche you belong. You either do this on your blog with your categories label or on your social media pages with pictures. This is why it is very important to pick a niche in the blogging industry. You can love everything but a particular niche should definitely define you than others.

  • Missen key pages

Many times I see blogs with no ‘About me page‘ or ‘Contact page‘ and I wonder if this blogger is interested in collaborating with anyone or brand. These are key pages that need to be updated on your blog regularly. This is an opportunity for someone who just came across your blog to read quickly about you and know how to get in touch with you. It’s like your online business card. Check out my previous post HERE on key pages you should have on your blog.

  • Un-updated/Inactive platforms

This is a very common one. How many times at The blogger point do we get bloggers email through their Instagram profile but its actually a wrong or abandoned email? Countless time. If you blog isn’t active at the moment, just take the link off your profile. How disappointing is it to go to an error page or have an email bounce back cos the email address doesn’t exist? Well, many brands pass on to the next blogger. Update your details regularly.

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  • You don’t reply emails

Well, some bloggers happen to have an active email but take over a week to reply. I would say 48h is the standard time to get back to any brand. If at the moment, you can’t give an accurate reply, just reply saying: “Your message has been received, I will get back to you as soon as possible”. Atleast, the sender knows you saw/receive the email. Leaving an email for over 48h is highly unprofessional and can send a wrong signal to the person at the other side. So, make it a habit to check your email atleast twice a day: In the morning and before going to bed. This way., you can’t miss any email or keep anyone waiting.

  • Your blog design

I have mentioned this several times how important having a clear, easy to use and nice design. You may think, it’s all about your content quality but you’d be surprised at how many brands rank layout/design higher than content. Also, before anyone reading your content, it might depend on the design or navigation of your website. If your bounce rate (Check your stats) is high, you might want to review your design. It might be a little bit difficult for people to navigate your blog, so what do they do? They leave. So, get a simple and mobile friendly theme (You can find free blog theme online), just type in free blog theme on Google and here you are with different themes with 0 cost.

  • Your photography

Most creatives are visually orientated. A blurred image or wrong sized image can push a potential brand collaboration away in less than a minute. Make sure your images are of the right size, clear and sharp. I know cameras can determine your image quality but as a blogger, it is your duty to always strive for improvement and better quality. Now, start scouting for a nice and pretty location, know the best time to take pictures and work with different angles. It doesn’t matter what device you are using.

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  • You don’t have a custom URL

This is a tricky one. I know everyone should start blogging with the available means and it’s totally fine to start with a free URL which has .wordpress or .blogger at the end. But, for real, this might actually be one of the reasons brands aren’t approaching you. Some people see it as lack of investment in your art and some see it as unprofessional. Custom URL is so cheap nowadays most brands or PR agencies expect you to have one. I would say it’s okay to have the .wordpress or .blogger URL for maximum a year because I believe if you are really passionate about what you blog about, 12 months is enough time for you to decide on your final blog name, try out blogging to see if you enjoy it and of-course save up to pay that £15 or £19 for a custom URL.

  • Time

Finally, maybe you just need to produce more quality content and build yourself a bit higher and better. Sometimes, we get everything right but if you’ve only been blogging for 6 months or few years, maybe you just need to be patient. Everything takes time and consistency especially blogging. Hard-work and patience surely pay and nothing can beat that. Be patient.

What do you think about these things mentioned above?

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6 thoughts on “Blog Tips: 8 Reasons Why Brands Are Not Contacting You For Collaborations(+ How To Fix It…) X Wearall

  1. The points you listed are just so encompassing. I am able to relate with very many of them. I think I fall in the last category – patience and time. I need more patience and with just a little more I should be there. I see that I am right on track with all the points you mentioned. Thank you for writing this blog post.


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