SEO Tutorial For Bloggers: How To Easily Achieve The Best Optimisation For Your Post…

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“Optimizing your blog is very key and when it comes to achieving the best SEO optimisation, this might not totally be the easiest thing to achieve.”

SEO Tutorial For Bloggers: How To Easily Achieve The Best Optimisation For Your Post

Hello “Daisy Blogger-Babes“, welcome back to another interesting post. This week, we will be talking about SEO. This must be one of the highly requested topics on my blog but you know me, I like to be sure and have enough “effective” tips and tricks before sharing with you. I like to share but it needs to be worth both your time and mine.

When I asked on my Instagram once again for post suggestions, SEO keeps coming up and since it’s already a topic I have in my “Post bank”, I decided to bring it to you guys. I had to gather all my research notes to put this post together, the struggle was real but finally, I can confidently say by the end of this post, you will be glad you read it.

This isn’t one of that step-by-step topic but a great quality post that will guide your way to achieving the best optimisation for your blog.

  • Know your audience:

Knowing your primary blog audience is great but for every post that goes up, you need to know who that post is targeting. Especially, if you are a lifestyle, beauty and fashion blogger. Your blog covers several niches so you have to know who particularly every post you publish is targeting. For example, my blog targets bloggers, business owners and creatives in general however my Monday post’s targets bloggers while my Thursday’s post target business owners. Every now and then, I will chip in some lifestyle posts. So, before clicking on the publish button, ask yourself, who is this post targeting? Am I really making that clear and obvious with my content?

  • Determine what you want to achieve with the post:

Now, you know who you want to target but what are you planning to achieve with that post or what do you actually want to gain from that particular audience you are targeting? Examples of things I look to achieve with my posts are:

– Attract new readers: Which I mostly use my titles for that. I did a post on how to attract new readers here, you should check it out.

– Teach something new

– Be helpful

  • Do your keyword search to know what is already out there:

Before proceeding with a post, I will normally search my keyword randomly on Google just to see what is already out there, who is topping the search list and check briefly what they actually focused on. I mostly do that with the first 3 websites that topped the list. The aim isn’t to copy what they wrote but to see the areas they focused on and see what is left out. Remember, optimisation of your post aims to help you stand out and bring more value to what is already out there. I will make a note and then go on one of my favourite keyword search websites such as Buzzsumo which is great at keywords search with in-depth analyzation.

  • Create your content:

Now, its time to apply everything you’ve gathered into your post. You want to present your keyword strongly in your title that will immediately get anyone attracted to click on your post. Make sure it is well positioned in your post URL. Move on to adding it and other related keywords in your post heading and in the body of your post. I will then go ahead to apply it to my post images Alt which will make your picture pop-up in Google image search engine when anyone is searching for a related topic. Yoast plugin is one of the best SEO plugins I have used so far and I will strongly recommend you to check it out. Lastly, remember to include the keyword in your meta description.

Like I mentioned earlier, achieving the best optimisation isn’t the easiest and it is far from being one of those processes you will apply and expect an immediate result. Sincerely, that isn’t going to happen. It can take you up to 30, 40, 100 or even 150 posts before your post finally appears on top of search engines depending on the niche you write on. But, you just have to hang in there and keep doing it.   

You might not appear on top search engines but applying your SEO correctly can get you collaborations or huge opportunities from PR or brands in general.  

Okay, lovelies. That is the end of today’s post. Don’t forget to put all these points into consideration while writing your next blog-post. Hope to see you soon. Do you guys like the “Daisy blogger-babes” intro name or you have any better suggestions for me? COMMENT BELOW.

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