Danie’s Corner: How to Add a ‘Shop this Post’ Widget to Your Blog & Make Money From It.

add shop this post widget to blogThis post will be a guide to show you how easy it is to add a ‘Shop this Post’ widget to your blog/blog posts. You may have probably seen this on some blogs and websites, it’s a carousel of products that the blogger is wearing, writing about, or recommending to his/her readers giving them the option to easily click on the product and get directed to where they can purchase it if they wanted to.

The simplest tool to do this and even accessible to beginner bloggers is ShopStyle Collective. ShopStyle collective isn’t just a widget tool but it is also a monetization tool as well. So when you link to these products from your blog, you earn a little commission when your readers click on it. So unlike other affiliate programs where you only get paid when a reader actually buys the product, with ShopStyle you get paid a commission when anyone just clicks on any product you have linked from the ShopStyle collective dashboard.

 Add a ‘Shop this Post’ Widget to Your Blog

Step 1

Go to www.shopstylecolletive.com and sign up or sign in if you already have an account. When you do sign in, you get to see the welcome page where you can create a product widget, a text link, or a look or collection of looks. Always play around with the dashboard and get to know the different functionalities. But for this guide, we’ll be step by step making a ‘shop this post’ widget.


Step 2

Click on product widget and you’ll see a page that looks something like this where you can select products that you want to include in the widget from so many different brands. All you need to do is filter through to the products you want to place in your carousel. You can search for products by the retailer, the brand, the category if it’s skincare, clothing, hair, accessories, fragrances and even by subcategories. So a category and can be beauty and under beauty, you can have bath and body, fragrances. Another category can be shoes and under shoes, you have athletic, boots, evening. mules etc.  You can also select the price range of products you want to see, the colors and on the product page, you can see which ones have high commission at the moment.

add shop this post widget to your blog


So let’s say I want to do a post about lipsticks, I’d go to Beauty -> Makeup -> Lips and select the lip products I want to include in my widget. You can add a product in two ways either by hovering over it and clicking ‘+ Add to Widget’ or actually clicking on the product and selecting ‘+ Add to Widget’  from the pop-up preview. You can also remove anyone you’ve previously added and you can add as many as you want.

Step 3

After selecting the items, click NEXT and it directs you to the customize page where you can customize how you want your widget to look like, do you want the brand name to show or not, do you want the price to show or not, do you want the details to be shown when a user hovers, etc. You can also specify the height and width of your widget, the number of rows and columns you want it to have.

Since I have chosen 6 products, I’ve made mind 2 rows and 3 columns so everything is displayed at once and no need to scroll. Then click PUBLISH.

Step 4

The PUBLISH page shows you your created widget code that you need to simply copy and embed on your blog. If it’s a ‘shop this post’ widget, you may want to embed the code within or at the end of our blog post. Or you can also create a ‘My Favorites’ product widget and place in your header, footer or sidebar.

If you’re just starting out with ShopStyle, you may want to read how to earn money using ShopStyle affiliate links. Another tool you can use to add a similar type of affiliated widgets and products to your blog is RewardStyle. However, reward style is a bit more complicated to get into but you can read more about The Difference Between Rewardstyle and ShopStyle

Have you signed up and used ShopStyle Collective for monetization on your blog? What was your experience with it? What other tools do you recommend for adding such Shop widgets to your blog?

Thank you for reading, happy blogging!

Written by: Daniella Bature


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