Blog Tips: How To Effectively Re-brand Your Blog Without Confusing Your Followers/Readers

re-brand your blog

How To Effectively Re-brand Your Blog Without Confusing Your Followers/Readers

One big word that really changed my blogging games this year is “Re-branding“. Many of you know my whole blogging journey had a big turnaround this year and I am glad to see how much people have supported and appreciated me for me.

Again, this post was requested by someone and I totally agree with the person on putting more light on how to effectively re-brand your blog without confusing your readers or followers. Trust me, every blogger at one point has thought about or actually go ahead with rebranding their platform. It simply shows you are growing and learning for you to want a new structure or look of your blog. So, don’t even try to feel bad about it or let your motivation drop in any way.

Many creatives re-brand for different reasons such as lack f consistency, loss of interest or personal reasons. So, How do you effectively re-brand your blog without confusing your followers/readers?

  • Go back to the root – What are you really passionate about?

I think this part is the most vital part of your re-branding. Sometimes, what we are passionate about now might be different from what we were passionate about 2 years ago when we started blogging and guess what? It is totally fine. Just make sure you ask yourself: What am I really passionate about now? What do I enjoy talking about and reading about? All these questions should move you forward on your re-branding journey.

  • Re-structure your platform to fit your new “Idea”:

For me, I didn’t have so much to modify on my blog. But, based on personal reasons, I decided to take down all my previous post (2 years worth) and my social media posts. This part is 100% based on how you feel personally. If you change your niche completely and want to structure your blog like an online magazine, you might want to change your blog design to suit your new idea. Like I mentioned, it’s totally up to you. But, make sure you have your readers in mind and how you want them to enjoy your new idea. The less confusing it is, the better.

  • Your readers/followers deserve some explanation:

I know some people will just prefer to transition into the new idea and assume their readers will follow along and understand but I will strongly suggest you make a post either on the blog or social media platform (Think of where the majority of your readers are).  If they take out time to read your blog and comment/get engaged with you, the least you can do is let them know what has changed and what the new direction is for you. You’d be surprised how confusing some little things you think everyone will understand might get some people confused and you can’t really blame anyone for that. We are all different and have a diverse capacity for understanding or taking in information.

  • Have a clear direction: 

Now that you’ve restructured your plan, niche, and contents. Have a clear direction of how your platform will be running and make that as clear as possible on your platforms. Having a clear direction will not only help you but also your readers know what to expect, when, where and how. This part is very important too and do not try to OVER-PROMISE your readers. Remember, this is a second chance for you to get things back on track, you want to do it well and properly.

  • Stay consistent:

Being consistent is the reason why I mentioned “OVER-PROMISING” in my previous point. You need to structure a schedule and set a realistic target. Staying consistent comes with having what you can handle. If you can only post once or twice a week, do not promise 4 posts per week cos eventually sooner or later, you will start slacking and BOOM, you are back to square zero. Consistency is a major role player in blogging and you can not afford to always disappoint your readers with the same story.

I hope these 5 points will help your re-brand or re-structure your blog for a better experience.

Thank you for reading once again and hope to see you back soon. If you have any suggestions, do not hesitate to leave it down in the comment box below and feel free to request any post/give suggestions.

I am back to my Uni work and job but I will always create time for the blog. Are you guys studying/working full-time or doing both? How are you coping? Comment down below, I would love to get to know more about you and learn one or two things.

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14 thoughts on “Blog Tips: How To Effectively Re-brand Your Blog Without Confusing Your Followers/Readers

  1. I’m studying full time and also currently trying to start a business along with blogging, I’ve recently gone through some blogging struggles like inconsistency and lack of motivation, but now I’m gradually re-branding and honestly I agree with you when you say knowing what you’re really passionate about is a major key.


    1. Hey Leslie,
      Thank you for stopping by. Seriously, ever since I started focusing on what I really have the passion for, my motivation comes naturally.


  2. Thanks for sharing Maryam, this is helpful.
    Consistency is major and if we can’t be consistent with the number of times per week why say so.
    That’s was a major setback for me.


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