Blogging: Look How Top Bloggers Are Staying Inspired In Their Niche (3 Top Tips)


When I started blogging, I was totally lost! I couldn’t even understand the features on my dashboard. Quickly, I went crying for help on search engines. I saw a couple of posts on how to find your footing as a new blogger and one of the most important tip was to have other blogs you can learn from. Before I created my blog, I knew a few fashion and beauty bloggers. So as stated in the posts I read, I visited good blogs I knew and that was the beginning of my problem.

There were so many differences between the blogs I visited and mine. Inferiority soon set in and it took me a while to recover.

It is not a bad thing to seek inspiration from your favourite bloggers but you have to learn to control yourself so you do not end up feeling intimidated. Blogging can be overwhelming. Comparing your blog’s success rate to that of others can harm you. You begin to feel unaccomplished, you begin to ask yourself questions like “what am I doing wrong”. Today’s post is on how to stay Inspired no matter what.


how to stay inspired as a blogger

Three reasons why you should stay inspired and not intimidated as a blogger.

  1. Rome wasn’t built in a day: Most of the bloggers we usually look up to have been in the blogging business way before you. So you should understand that they have garnered more experience. You should also know that your favourite bloggers went through this same phase you are going through.
  2. Hard work surely pays: As an upcoming blogger, one of you must have is hard work. Put in the good effort, improve your writing skills, take your flat lay game to the next level and so on. Be consistent, Be responsive to your readers. Also, take out time to either enrol in blogging classes that will improve your blogging skills or research and learn on your own. Just know that with the right amount of hard work, soon you will begin to see Improvement.
  3. Be you: It can be a bit difficult to stay true to yourself and your blog goals in situations like this. Some people might begin to adjust or should I just say copy!. Learn to always be you, there is something unique about you. You definitely have a unique selling point that you can spin to become a top blogger just like your faves. Trying to imitate another person would only make you come across as fake. If you are having difficulties finding yourself, then you need to read my post how to find your voice as a blogger. Always be you!.

Inferiority can make you beat yourself over nothing. You will get it all right soon. You just have to learn to always be inspired by other blogger’s success and not intimidated. Your time too would come.

Stay inspired not intimidated, Now and always.

I shared my inferiority challenge as a new blogger, i would love to hear yours. please leave  a comment down below.

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