Style: How To Dress For Work In Monochrome [Inspo: Hijab Work Style 2018]

How To Dress For Work In Monochrome [Inspo: Hijab Work Style 2018]

Hello lovely ladies. How are you doing today? Well, I know some people aren’t back to work and won’t be back until after the New Year celebration but I thought it would be of a great idea to drop this power boss-lady look here just in time to prepare for the great year ahead. [SCROLL DOWN TO CONTINUE READING]

hijab work style 2018

hijab office outfit idea

I haven’t done a style post in a while and what is the best way to come back in style with one of my favourite look: Monochrome. I am not a big love of bright colours especially in fall/winter (here). So, I opted for a neutral long sleeve top from Massimo Dutti along with a classic pencil pant style from NewLook. For shoes, I finally got a chance to style my graduation prezzy from the big sis: A pair of breathable heels from Guess. And of course, bag in style with a classic work style handbag from Ailyofficialuk.  [SCROLL DOWN TO CONTINUE READING]

how to wear hijab to work

hijab corporate outfit

hijab work style, hijab office style, hijab work outfit

This look can work anywhere as you can either layer up with a jacket in a cold weather or take off the jacket in a hot weather.

I don’t know about you but personally, I am loving the whole look. It is easy to re-create, chic and works appropriately in any situation and weather condition. This is also a great look if you need a few hijab work style for 2018.  What do you think? COMMENT DOWN BELOW.

Thank you for reading and see you soon.

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