Blog Post Idea: 30 Blog Post Ideas For January (Things You Can Write About This Month)

30 Blog Post Ideas For January

We understand how difficult it is to get ideas and inspiration on what to blog about. So, we have decided to share monthly blog post ideas that can be adopted by different bloggers from different niches. Every 1st of each month, we will be releasing a list of blog-post ideas according to the number of days in the month.

Take advantage of this list to plan your blog-post and schedule your articles in advance. Hopefully, this will help you stay up to date with your posting and motivate you to stay consistent this year.

Let’s get straight to our 30 blog post ideas for January:

Blog post ideas for January

  1. Share your previous year blogging recap (If you haven’t shared it in December)
  2. Share your new year blogging goals and resolution
  3. Share your new year challenge list
  4. Share your new year wish-list
  5. Write an open letter to one of your regular blog reader or follower
  6. Get more personal with your readers: Share a personal story
  7. Want to re-brand? Share the new structure with your readers
  8. Introduce something new: new series or episode on your blog
  9. Do an updated “Get to know me tag”
  10. Host a guest post
  11. Share your routine
  12. Share your new year ‘Bucket list’
  13. Do a review!
  14. Vlog a day in your life
  15. Write an open call for bloggers collaboration with your blog
  16. Share your biggest fears and how you wish to overcome it this year
  17. Share some tips from previous year
  18. Share list of events you wish to attend in the new year – Something your readers can look forward to with you
  19. Pick a charity to support this year and share your support journey with your readers
  20. Do a Q & A!
  21. Share a day at work or school
  22. Profile someone in the industry
  23. Share a poem – We’ve all written one at a point in our life
  24. Share monthly prayer lines
  25. Share a summary of your blog aim this year with your readers
  26. Ask your readers for help – Great for engagement
  27. What are you good at? Do a “How to..” post
  28. Tell your readers a story – Fiction or real
  29. Share your first time in…..ANYTHING
  30. Do a giveaway alone or in collaboration with another blogger

Don’t forget to leave a comment down below, let us know what you think.

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