Trending: What Is This blog Planner Controversy All About? Over-hyped? Apologies or Regrets….Maryam Speaks

What Is This blog Planner Controversy All About?

Hey guys,

So, we are back with another trending topic this week. This is Maryam here, I normally don’t write on the “Trending category” but I decided to write today’s post because I don’t want any of my team to defend my words or hide behind anyone as the trending topic is directly related to me.

So, a few days ago, I made a statement on my “Personal Instagram” account sharing my opinion on “Blog-planners” in general. As stated: 

I have never really used a blog-planner since I started blogging, I really don’t understand the hype of blog-planners……

Yes, I said that which I went ahead to post other people’s opinion sent to me by other bloggers who agreed with me and few didn’t totally agree too. This discussion was triggered by a blogger I follow (She is based in Berlin) who made this statement:

“Hey guys, I am really excited, I just got this blog-planner this year to help me stay productive and consistent with my blog. So watch out….”

Was I judging her? Maybe, I just don’t fully agree with her statement based on my personal experience. This whole discussion offended some people who had a different opinion to mine which they backed up with concrete points of-course. 


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Just to make things clear, I will start by saying:

  • The blog-planner’s I ever bought was from WHSmith a few years ago right at the beginning of my blogging career which at the time ended up in my book storage as I always forget to refer to them at the very point the ideas of what to write pop-up in my head. Also, being a student, I find it difficult to have a specific planner for my blog and another for my education and general life. A general bulky diary was doing a great job for me. Also, I found that blog-planner to be a bit “generic” which doesn’t meet my personal needs. Was it just that blog-planner from WHSmith? Did I use the wrong term “hype”? Was I too brief with my points at that moment? Maybe or Maybe, I should have used it for a longer period of time before sharing my opinion… But, few things I want to clarify is:
  1. Firstly, I apologise to everyone who is upset by my statement. Kindly understand, we all have different ways of expressing our opinions and constructing our sentences.
  2. I understand where you are coming from, please try to understand mine too. I don’t know it all and the only way to learn is by speaking out and learning from others. If you have a blog-planner, I guess you shouldn’t be like me who always leave my blog-planner then on my desk. Like they say, ideas come up anywhere and at any time, so I would recommend you take it around with you to get a great use of it. Also, maybe get a blog-planner with enough space to accommodate your other life planning or demand if the brand can customise your pages. Lastly, like I mentioned on Instagram, blog-planners can help you organise your ideas if you use it well, however, take actions.
  3. In no way was I referring to any brand in particular. There are lots of blog-planner brands in Nigeria and here in the UK. In fact, a few weeks ago I did a post about 5 blog-planners you should be looking at for 2018 including 2 top Nigerian blog-planners brands. I totally understand that the fact that it doesn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it won’t work for others.
  4. Finally, I will NEVER directly bring anyone business down or hard-work especially if I haven’t tried their brand or services before. So please, let’s all stop pointing fingers and assuming lots of things about each other. Let give each other space to be who we are and express ourselves freely. As bloggers, it isn’t the responsibility of just ONE PERSON to motivate and support others. We should ALL take it as OUR responsibilities to constantly support each other without sacrificing our voice or personality.
  5. I don’t regret what I said. I am a grown woman and take responsibilities for my actions. I just hope this clears out the air and give all of us a better understanding. Of-course, I have learnt from this. Next time, I will choose my words carefully and have a better construction to clearly state my points and share my opinion.

Once again, apologies to anyone who is offended by the words I used or ways I presented my opinion!

“What I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have” – Oprah


2 thoughts on “Trending: What Is This blog Planner Controversy All About? Over-hyped? Apologies or Regrets….Maryam Speaks

  1. Well stated! I don’t think what you said was in anyway offensive to anyone or was to bring anyone’s business down.

    And yes like you clearly quoted; speak your truth even tho it doesn’t go down well with some, they should know it’s your opinion and not get offended by it


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