Blog tips: 7 Top Tips To Convert More Email Subscribers In 2018

Tips to convert more email subscribers

Email marketing has become a big deal in the blogosphere. This is mainly because only you have the sole right to do to your email subscribers as you wish and having lots of subscribers is a handy marketing tool that all bloggers ought to have. So many bloggers make the mistake of building lots of subscribers on WordPress reader or bloglovin and neglect building their email list. What most of them don’t know is that one day the owners of this platform can decide to scrap it just like Google scrapped out its google reader platform and made several bloggers lose content and fan base.

tips to convert more email subscribers

Now you know the importance of building your email list, read on to find out tips to convert more email subscribers.

1. Design is key

Everyone loves a good design. No one is going to sign up if your design is crappy and dull. The first tip to convert more email subscribers is to work on your design. Make it bright, easy to read yet captivating.

2. Don’t be too forward

Calm your nerves, people will subscribe but not when you throw it in their faces. A lot of people make the mistake of using pop up’s that are very much annoying. I used to be one of them when I started blogging. I had several email sub pop up all over my blog but still, they were not converting. After a bit of research, I found out most people were put off by such pop-ups and so I had to find a way to make them more friendly. First of all, I redesigned my pop up ad, set the behaviour to delay for a while before it pops up. This was to enable visitors to get a feel of what my blog is about an all. The results were overwhelming, I had more subscribers that week.

3. Structure matters

Pop-ups are not the only way to utilize your email subforms. There are several other responsive layouts that are highly converting as well. One of my favourites is leaving an email subform at the ending of my posts with captions that encourage people to subscribe.

4. Offer an Incentive

Most people do not feel compelled to join your email list unless there is something for them to gain too. So look for what you can offer to gain the trust of these people. It can be a promotion, offer personal services or ebook.

5. Run contests or Giveaways

This tip works like magic and the good thing is you can run as many contests/giveaways as you want and watch your email list soar.

tips to convert more email subscribers

6. Share your Forms/Campaigns on Social Media

Are you the type of large social media followers? if yes, then use that channel to get your followers to sign up for your email sub.

7. Send out great and helpful Newsletters

You might be wondering how this helps. Let me explain, if your newsletters are wack or you constantly bombard your subscribers with irrelevant emails, many would opt out. However, if you send out great newsletters, you will win their trust and love. They will surely tell their friends to subscribe to your awesome blog. I am currently researching on how to create terrific newsletters for my email subscribers, if you want me to share what I have learnt so far with you, then leave a comment down below.

keywords you should know

*convert- ability to make people sign up

*sub- short form for subscription/subscribers. Depending on the context used.

Post Written – Gift Collins

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4 thoughts on “Blog tips: 7 Top Tips To Convert More Email Subscribers In 2018

  1. This blog has become my holy grail/blogging bible now. I am starting out into the blogging world now and all the information and tips are so overwhelming. So glad I found this blog


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