Instagram: Struggling With Your Instagram Theme? This Is How To Create A Perfect Cohesive Instagram Theme & Why…

This Is How To Create A Perfect Cohesive Instagram Theme & Why…

I recently switched up my Instagram theme for my last trip and ever since, I’ve surprisingly got several questions and comments on how I am able to smoothly create a cohesive feed from the filters I use to the editing apps. I previously did a post here about the apps I use to edit my Instagram pictures. You can have a quick read too.

A lot hasn’t changed but I would say the process was simplified for my current theme on Instagram. So, here is my editing process for everyone interest. To be honest, I am not really bothered if anyone has the same theme as me. At the end of the day, it is a personal decision to share which means anyone can re-create same.

Make sure to choose a theme that matches and project your personality fully. It is alright to take inspiration from others but not copy entirely because a theme will be hard to maintain if all you do is copy/re-create what others are doing. Again, it is up to you to decide which one works for you. 

I believe the theme is great but then your actual content matters too and nobody can create MY type of content as I can’t create YOUR type of content even if we have the same theme. It is important to have an eye-catching and cohesive Instagram theme and bio as this is the first thing anyone who stumbles upon your page will notice. So, let’s continue, here you go lovely: [Scroll down]


  1. For the black and white theme, check the images of the apps I will mention in a post I did about the 5 apps I use for editing here. After taking the picture, I then go ahead to whiten the desired area with AIRBRUSH APP. I go ahead to save and head over to Instagram. I increase the contrast and shine then, I lower the brightness. 
  2. For my quote blocks [The image with the quote in black], I use the app called POLYVORE. It is really complicated to explain if not demonstrated but take your time to play around it. Once you can find your way around it, your designs/creations will indeed be endless. [Comment below if you want me to fix a date on Insta-story for demonstration].


Personally, this has been the easier theme for me to stick by because there is literally just two steps to it. Before going on holiday, I collected few pictures from my favourites Instagrammers just to have a clear idea of how I want my theme to look like. This is my first time of going out of my black and white theme. Enough talk, let’s get started:

  1. Take your picture, then transfer to VSCO. In  VSCO, I used the filter A4 then reduce it to +9 or sometimes I leave it at 12+ then save. Finally, I still go to Instagram, reduce the brightness and increase the contrast a bit.
  • If you really want that natural [Non-edited finish look], I found out that reducing brightness helps. It calms down any editing you have done and make your picture look less touched.

I hope you enjoy this post and please do let me know in the comment section if you have more questions and I can reply you accordingly.

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15 thoughts on “Instagram: Struggling With Your Instagram Theme? This Is How To Create A Perfect Cohesive Instagram Theme & Why…

  1. This is a great post! I also use Vsco when editing. But the M3 filter. I like the dark brown effect it gives my pictures. Plus I started using the black and white background ish too using photoshop express.


    1. Thank you for reading Ucheyy. Yeah, you can literally never go wrong with black and white. I used to use photoshop express but found other apps doing more things but it’s still a great app to have


  2. Great post and thank you for spilling the tea on the app you use for your quotes. It’s absolutely beautiful and neat! And yes please kindly set a date to demonstrate how to use it.


    1. Thank you for reading. I have heard of UNUM, I haven’t tried it though but like most planners related to blogging in general, I like to give myself a bit of room for creativity and just post as the goes. Maybe, I will try it in the future


  3. Instagram theme can be a bit difficult to create especially when you don’t know what theme you really want/how to create them, thank you so much for sharing.


    1. I totally agree with you. However, I think the most difficult part is just finalising on a theme. Once you know it, it gets easier


  4. Thanks a lot for this. I’ve honestly been considering working on a theme because it makes a page more appealing. I’m gonna use your tips and give it a shot.


  5. I had this black and white theme which works really well for me but I wanted to switch up to a colourful theme but that didn’t end well as that’s not the person I am, so am moving on with my black and white theme cos I love neutrals


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