5 Awesome Instagram Feed You Should Learn From To Grow Your Business Instagram Account

5 Awesome Instagram Feed You Should Learn From To Build Your Small Business

Curating an awesome Instagram feed isn’t only great for personal use but important for your small business too. There is a lot going on out there and we understand how difficult it can be to stay on top or even start.

Wondering how to boost your brand awareness or promote your small business on Instagram but you don’t know how to start or where to kick-off. Well, we have put together 5 awesome Instagram feeds used by businesses to promote their products or services. They are all different and get their message across differently to their followers.

Important: If you want to know how to edit and create a personal Instagram theme, click here 

#1 – @AIRBNB: Consumer story-sharing:

Airbnb Instagram feed consist of stories of consumers who used their services. This is a great way for businesses providing services/experience to establish an engaging Instagram that will attract more customers

#2 – Product placement: Lifestyle curation

This feed is all about strategically placing your product in a lifestyle scene. The great thing about this style of feed is the fact that your customers naturally blend with your account as it isn’t very obvious you are trying to sell them any product.

#3 – @WIZCHIBZY_: Visual Story-telling/Anticipation

Another style of curating an awesome feed is through visual story-telling/Anticipation. You gradually build up a full image by breaking it down into several pieces. Think of it as a puzzle game.

#4 –  Call to action:

This style of feed is great to engage closely with your consumers and grow your business page especially if your product is “Instagrammable”. Ask your consumers to take pictures of either a signature piece or packaging of your business and use it to build up your page.


Mostly used by sport or business service brands. If your business is all about encouragement and motivation. Show this by posting consumers using your product or service to achieve their aim. Moreover, video content is growing now, why not take advantage of the trend too?

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