31 Blog Post Ideas For March [Challenges, Important days, How-to-do list…]

March is here and as always, you know it is time for the monthly blog-post ideas. Just in case anything here doesn’t get your attention, feel free to click HERE to check out our February blog post ideas too.

So, get your blog-planner or notebook, grab a pen and be ready to note down some interesting blog post ideas you can use on your blog this month. Here are 31 blog post ideas for March: 


31 Blog Post Ideas For March

  1. Check your “most popular” post from last month, write something related to that topic
  2. Are you great at doing a particular thing, share a step by step guide
  3. Read a book last month? Write a review
  4. Are you a student or work full time? Teach your audience how to balance that with blogging
  5. Recap: Share your favourite bloggers of the month (February) – Say what you love about them, how they inspire you and send them a little email/message to notify they are being featured on your blog
  6. How have you been staying consistent with blogging lately? Share your inspiration
  7. Recap: Share your favourite articles on TBP!
  8. Noticed any new trend in the industry? Share your opinion about it
  9. Share what you are loving at the moment
  10. It’s my birthday [March 10th] – Tell how you found out about me or TBP & What you like about me/my Instagram or blog?
  11. Share what you can’t live without
  12. Challenge: Reach out to a new blogger monthly for collaboration
  13. Introduce us to your brother/sister/Boyfriend/Girlfriend or pet
  14. Share your favourite memes of the month
  15. How to ________________________ 
  16. An Important day: Women’s history month – Write about the women who inspire you
  17. Is your birthday coming up? Share your birthday wish-list or celebration plan
  18. An important day: Saint Patrick Day! – March 17th
  19. Share some blog post ideas too
  20. Reach out: Hot a blog guest post on your platform
  21. Share your holiday dream location
  22. Vlog! – Video content is still on the BOOMING!
  23. Review a restaurant you visited or product you used recently
  24. An important day: It’s national puppy day – March 23rd!
  25. An Important day: Earth Hour Day! How do you plan to go green this day? Document and share
  26. Editing tips: Share how you edit your images [Trust me, they can never get same end result as you – no one can be you]
  27. Learnt a new skill recently? Share it with your audience
  28. Volunteer for something this month. Then, document and share on your blog
  29. Challenge: Start “A picture per day” challenge then share at the end of the month on your blog
  30. Share your favourite Instagram pages
  31. Share 5 things to do in your city/town [Local Area]


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blog post ideas for march

10 thoughts on “31 Blog Post Ideas For March [Challenges, Important days, How-to-do list…]

  1. Awesome ideas as always. Weldone
    You might want to check out my blog at abujagirlsjournal.blogspot.com


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