How To Build Your Personal Brand For Better Collaboration Opportunities As A Blogger

What do you stand for? What do you have to offer me? How can you take my brand forward?

These are questions that come up both from bloggers and brands when it comes to collaborations. You need to stand for something either as a blogger or brand else, you stand for nothing. 

Bloggers deserve to be compensated for their work. I mean, it is called “Influencer marketing” regardless of numbers of followers or likes. Once you attempt to work with a blogger, you are simply attempting to promote your business which in return you expect something out of it either exposure or conversion to sales. Once it is a business to generate “income”, it is your obligation to reward the influencer rightfully based on the agreement.

Just in case you are wondering what you are paying for, here is a brief breakdown: Photography, Editing, Creative directing (Shooting needs planning and direction), the platform for exposure and blogger “reputation” as they are basically standing for your products/service in front of their audience. The recommendation goes a long way, people will basically hold them responsible if your products don’t meet up to expectations.

How To Build Your Personal Brand For Better Collaboration Opportunities

Also, on the blogger’s side, it is right to stand for your values [I would recommend you to if you aren’t], however, avoid any “sense of entitlement”. It is a “business negotiation” when you are still in the phase of negotiating a collaboration. You need to be considerate and learn to try to meet halfway. And, if you both can’t seem to come to an agreement, gladly say NO without being rude or unprofessional. 

Yes, we all want to get paid which is “Normal“, however you need some brands more than you need them. Being inconsiderate can feed your Ego at the moment but make you lose many opportunities. Sometimes, a product “gifting” for a collaboration is worth 10X your charge and working with a credible brand on an exchange can equally open more opportunities for you in the industry.

personal brand

Apart from great editing, filter and numbers of followers, you need to have a value and build your personal brand in order to attract better collaboration opportunities as a blogger. Here are few ways you can use your blogging to build a better personal brand:

  • Build your brand tailored to a particular niche: You need to make sure you stand for something and you communicate this clearly to your audience [Part of your audience include brands that are watching to work with you]. Let people understand what you offer as a blogger which will make them remember you.
  • Have a “voice”: Let your tone of voice describe your personality. Be real and relatable. Once you have a voice unique to your brand, this is one of the values to point out to brands when you are negotiating.
  • Consistency: This has been said several times. Nothing beats consistency. Once you are consistent with your delivery in general within your niche and values, brands will respect you. 
  • Presentation matters: You can have the best content but if not presented properly,  there is a high possibility your audience won’t take you seriously. Presentations aren’t just about your visuals.
  • Quality over Quantity: It isn’t just about posting daily just because you want to be consistent. Constantly provide contents that add value to anyone reading. Valuable contents also help you grow your engagement and network in the industry.
  • Do not under-value yourself: Don’t be afraid to say NO. Again, be professional even when rejecting an offer. You do not need to accept every opportunity that comes your way. Some bloggers/influencers are too desperate they accept “everything”.
  • Build a relationship: A one-time collaboration can become regular if you build a good relationship with brands. Deliver a good service and fulfilling your promise during a collaboration is very important. It is better to have a client than just a customer (A client will patronise you several times but a customer can just be a one-time collaboration – What makes the difference is the relationship).
  • Be professional: This also is very important. Watch your attitude, words and communication. Reply a collaboration email a week after just simply shows how you want to be treated. Be intentional with every aspect of your blogging. Upload the date and time you promised without the client “chasing you around” or giving “invalid excuses”. Learn how to do a review properly if you have to – No one knows it all.

That was a long post but I hope you are able to learn one or two things. Thursday, I will be posting a similar post targeting brands and how they should be approaching influencers/work with them.


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personal brand

17 thoughts on “How To Build Your Personal Brand For Better Collaboration Opportunities As A Blogger

  1. This is an enlightening post. I learnt a lot especially the negotiating tips. I completely agree with regards to “quality over quantity”. Great post.


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