How To Do Influencer Marketing Right In 2018…. [Must Read For Nigerian Brands]

How To Do Influencer Marketing Right In 2018…

Last week I did a post on how bloggers can brand themselves to get better collaboration. However, there is also a lot to be learnt by brands also. So, I thought why not do a similar post for business owners? Then, I realised I already did a post in details which I will is linked down below, just in case you missed it. 

Again, most of these points are what bloggers want and ways they wished to be approached. You can not just judge or classify influencers/bloggers based on numbers on Instagram alone. There are more to be noticed and pay attention to. Click the link below then you will understand what I mean better.

Quote from last week post:

Just in case you are wondering what you are paying for, here is a brief breakdown: Photography, Editing, Creative directing (Shooting needs planning and direction), the platform for exposure and blogger “reputation” as they are basically standing for your products/service in front of their audience. The recommendation goes a long way, people will basically hold them responsible if your products don’t meet up to expectations.

Link: The Ultimate Guide To Successful Influencer Marketing On Instagram

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