30 Blog Post Ideas Perfect For April [ World Health Day, Webinar, Open-letter, Courses…]

Hey #TBPFam,

It’s another start of the month and I am really excited about this month because  1) Posting up the monthly blog post ideas is slowly becoming an exciting monthly task and secondly, I’ve heard the best Easter break so far. Without taking any more of your time, let’s get straight into today’s post.  Here are 30 blog post ideas perfect for April & your schedule this month:

30 Blog Post Ideas Perfect For April

  1. April Fool [Sorry this post is out after the first but maybe there is something like a late April fool]
  2. Start reading a book today and do a review at the end of the month
  3. Start a thankful journal [Write down everything you are thankful for daily and share at the end of the week or month]
  4. Try a new meal plan
  5. Cook something foreign and share [What is Somali national meal?] – Research and try it out
  6. Q & A: This never gets old.
  7. World Health Day [7th of April]
  8. Met someone lately? Share how you met
  9. Document you weekly outfit to work or school
  10. Take part in a webinar [Learn or improve your skills
  11. Save up to attend a seminar or pay for a course
  12. Complete a survey on a topic you are interested in
  13. Travelled lately? Rather than do a vlog, do a travel guide [E.g: 10 Must-visit places in Ghana]
  14. Share how you spent your Easter break
  15. Planning your summer break? Share your plan
  16. Write a letter to your secret crush
  17. Compose an open-letter to your BF, GF or Fiance without revealing their identity
  18. Share your realness [The worst/best day of your life]
  19. Share your first ever date experience
  20. Share your new skincare/beauty/grooming routine
  21. Your favourites Nigerian brand
  22. Share your collaboration experience with a Nigerian and international brand
  23. Your favourites YouTubers/Bloggers or Content creators
  24. Share what you love about blogging/social media
  25. Ever made a huge blogging/business mistake? Share with others
  26. Roundup links of interesting articles you read lately
  27. List of actionable tips that will help your readers do something better
  28. Have a wish list? Share your April wishlist
  29. Dedicate a post to your readers [Make a list of your regular/frequent blog readers and thank them publicly]
  30. You too can share some blog post ideas

Thank you for reading today’s post [Remember there is a new post on Tuesdays, Friday’s & Saturday’s]

This post on Monday is an exception because it’s our monthly post. Don’t forget to join us on social media on Instagram/Facebook and Twitter @thebloggerpoint / @itsmaryamsalam

8 thoughts on “30 Blog Post Ideas Perfect For April [ World Health Day, Webinar, Open-letter, Courses…]

  1. One of the reasons I love you is because you are soo full of amazing ideas and you constantly share things that are very beneficial. You are awesome 💕, I’ll be trying out the “things I’m thankful for” and I’ll share it at the end of the month.


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