Instagram Stories: 5 Free Mobile Apps You Need To Enhance & Create Fun Instagram Stories [iOS/iPhone users]

Over the past few months, Instagram updates haven’t just been bad for content creators but somehow fun especially since the introduction of Instagram stories. I mean it was the perfect time for people gradually living a love and hate story with the new Snapchat update. The Instagram story was just the best alternative option to run to.

It might demand an excellent amount of time to put everything together and create an engaging/fun Instagram story but it is definitely worth it especially if you are a content creator or business owner. 

Since Instagram algorithm sucks and gets really extremely difficult for creators to really reach wider audience daily. It is important to leverage engagement and connect with your audience with other features.

I always love sharing mobile apps because there is always a great feedback, just like when I wrote about 5 Apps You Need To Start Blogging From Your Phone If You Don’t Have A LaptopSo, hopefully, this post will be helpful:Instagram:

5 Free Mobile Apps You Need To Enhance & Create Fun Instagram Stories

Unfold: This must be the most requested app on my personal page. When you see those Instagram stories combined video or pictures overlapping. Voila, Unfold is your go-to app. It is really easy to use and with little or no guideline at all.

Typorama: If you are looking for a text that will grab your audience attention, Typorama is one of the best top apps for that. The app offers different style of text and design.

PhotoGrid: PhotoGrid is great to create interesting collages and slide videos. Again, another easy to use app. It offers different sizes, background and shapes.

Flipagram: Are you looking to add some music to your slideshows. Simply upload your pictures to the app and pick a music of your choice then save. Here you go, in less than 1 minute, you have your video put together. Trick: Just remember the Instagram story is 15 seconds, so you want to keep your video a little bit over 15 seconds so that you can cut off the Flipagram watermark at the end.

PocketVideo: If you love all those animated videos like some of your favourite content creators, why not create your own too?

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31 thoughts on “Instagram Stories: 5 Free Mobile Apps You Need To Enhance & Create Fun Instagram Stories [iOS/iPhone users]

  1. Thank you so much for sharing. Can’t wait to try the unfold app, really love what it does.
    Your posts are really helpful.


  2. Please whats a perfect alternative for the unfold app for the android users? Unfold is not available in the android playstore. Im trying to create the square picture


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