I think this has to be the best time to push out this post. I mean, the talk about brands paying influencers has been going on for us not to think of how both parties can be protected. Having a collaboration contract/ agreement isn’t only beneficial to the influencer. It is a clear and transparent form of partnership to ensure all the terms and conditions, expectations from both parties agreed on before proceeding.

This can be sent in form of email or attached as a separate file while communicating with the brand. And before you think of saying this is too formal, trust me, it will save both parties time and unnecessary argument on why a job isn’t completed or money isn’t paid. This isn’t one contract apply to all situation, this is simply a template to guide you on what to include or emphasize on while agreeing on a collaboration. So, after the initial talk with the brand and things start getting serious or it is time to proceed to the execution of a project, think about chipping in your contract to seal the deal. So, let’s get straight into it:

collaboration contract
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  • A clear summary of the project: It is important to note down a short summary of what the project is all about. This will either help the brand confirm you guys are on the same page or it will simply show you didn’t really understand what they want. Be specific and detailed in this part. The more detailed you are, the better it is for both parties
  • Start and end date of the project/frequency: Yes, it is important to specify the start date of the collaboration and end. When it’s a long-term collaboration, it is necessary to mention how often you will be posting/promoting. You might have other collaboration you are working on which needs to be considered before finalising on the new one.
  • Platform: It is very vital to state which platform the collaboration will take place. Some collaboration is only happening on social media while some brands will want you to create content for the blog too. Be specific about which platform exactly: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram etc…
  • Image specification: Image specification is key. Let the brand know how many images you are posting and what style of image if necessary or video content. Some products are better when promoted in a selfie style than other styles. You don’t have to state the editing or size, just be logical!
  •  Publication approval: So, who is signing off the final content when created? This needs to be stated because both parties brand image is on the line and you both want to be sure any content going out to the public fully represents you.
  • Publication right: Who has the right to use the content you create and how? Do you authorise the brand to use your image on their website or on promotional contents? Is that an extra fee?  You need to make sure all these are clear.
  • Length of contract: In terms of being a brand ambassador or continuous collaboration, you might want to clearly pronounce the length of the contract. During this period, do you have the right to work with similar brand or influencer? Have a think about all these.
  • Editing approval: Imagine a brand overly editing your image and posting on their platform. Nobody wants a bad image of themselves out there because we all have a brand to protect. This is why you both want to agree on editing: who is editing, filter allowed etc…
  • Tracking: How will you both track and measure the success of this collaboration? Page views, likes or comment? Be transparent about what you both want to achieve with this collaboration.
  • Payment: This big money talk! Agree on the amount or other payment plans. If monetary payment is involved, be clear on the amount, when it will be paid, are you expecting an upfront payment, when is the final payment and how will the payment be made?
  • Standard contract clause: There are just some standard things to respect in a basic contract. Make sure all these are stated.


Extra tip: One major point is never to assume anything. Just make sure you discuss anything you aren’t clear about to avoid any misunderstanding. I hope you find this post helpful. A big shoutout to @jenniferamani for inspiring this post and being a regular reader of TBP.

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  1. Thank you for this, very important and it’s somethjng I want to start initiating cause I normal agree and make sure we are clear on what’s going on but I want to make it more formal it’s always better.


    1. Yes, definitely something to include + It is a great way to brand yourself as a professional. it gives your craft more respect


    1. Definitely, feel free to approach brands without coming across as “begging” though…Choose your words wisely


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