One of the benefits I have reaped from being a blogger that puts out written and spoken contents is that I my platform to create value are varied. Yesterday, I was invited to be a red carpet host at a comedy show in Lagos, Nigeria.

I realized as this was my first time doing this kind of work, I had no idea what to do and what to expect. However, by the end of the event, I had learnt a few things, through experience and would love to share.

So here are a few tips on what to do before the event, during the event and after the event.

host an event

  1. What is the purpose of the event? As a creative and bloggers, we know that the purpose of content is key to creating everything within the content. Therefore, get all the information you can about the event, the host and the type of people expected. This in turn will determine the kind of questions you ask the guests and provide relevant information for the audience.
  2. Dress appropriately for the occasion: Wouldn’t it be a tad bit weird hosting a red carpet in a bikini when the guests are all dressed to the nines in tuxedos and ball gowns? This is also one of the benefits of researching the event before hand. Take the time to try out outfits to match the occasion and this would boost your confidence. (Especially for first timers.)
  3. Ask for help: Although I knew I have no qualms speaking with people, this was a first time experience for me, having celebrities and strangers waiting to answer my questions. I had to ask for help and support from my team, on what to say, the names and information of guests arriving and even how to close the red carpet session.
  4. Be enthusiastic: Your energy on and off the camera affects those around you, so its important to smile genuinely at all times.  Although it is hard and a bit funny smiling at your guest as they are talking, remember to be engaged in what they are saying. This helps your smile to remain genuine and contagious and of course, makes you look good on camera.
  5. Get a spotter: A spotter is someone who literally spots the kind of people you want to interview. Normally, there should be a tip sheet on names and short profiles on expected guests, but this was not available for me and that’s where a spotter comes in handy.
  6. KISS (Keep It Short and Simple): This is also one of the benefits of researching the event and knowing its purpose.  Remember the guests came for the show, not necessarily to be interviewed or for you to turn the red carpet into a talk show. You already have an idea on content you need, so get straight to point.
  7. Make your questions stand out: Get creative with the angle you ask questions from. Remember, there may be other hosts from different platforms, so make sure you don’t ask the same questions they are asking. The guests will get tired of answering the same questions and may even give you boring and short answers.

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