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According to Google, an expert is:

“a person who is very knowledgeable about or skilful in a particular area”

which simply means that you don’t really need a particular certificate or exam to be an expert. It all boils down to how much you know. Many ask me how I do so much things regarding blog/blogging myslef or how I know so much expecting me to give a structured plan or routine. Nothing of such. All I did and still doing is learning everything I can.

No one was born with all the blogging tips in their head. Especially in this fast-changing era, it is very important to constantly upgrade yourself. So, here are fews tips you can start using from today to become an expert in your blog niche:

  • READ, READ, READ: How many times can I really say that. This doesn’t only apply to blogging but every aspect of life. You need to be intentional about learning. Read everything you can even though you don’t totally agree with the opinion shared. If you read carefully, you will learn one or two things.
  • Create time to learn: This is very key. Yes, you can read and learn throughout the day but dedicating a particular time to read or research about something does not online help you plan your day or week but helps to prepare you mentally to take in details.
  • Read outside your niche: Remember my post on ‘Why finding your niche might be the reason your blog isn’t growing?‘. Well, if you’ve read that post, you will understand better what I really mean by, read on topics outside your niche.
  • Ask questions: Yes, it is very easily to feel like you know everything and you absolutely don’t need to ask anyone anything. You are wrong. You’d be surprise on I have no clue of the simple things. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, even from fellow blogger who you think might not reply you sincerely. The fact about asking is, you have nothing to lose. The worst that can happen is to be ignored or not get helpful response but you asked which shows you are ready to learn. I mostly ask questions with the hope to get a response, 80% of the time, I actually get helpful responses which is great. You can’t know it all, so you definetly need to ask questions.
  • Share: Many still struggle with the idea of sharing but the moment you realise how mush you learn just from sharing, you will never over-think it again. Sharing helps build a conversation which is another way of learning and acquiring more knowledge.

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