Losing Followers On Instagram? – 5 Important Things To Do To Help Maintain & Grow Your Following Even When You Aren’t Posting Daily..

Losing Followers On Instagram

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Losing Followers On Instagram? – 5 Important Things To Do To Keep Growing Your Following Even When You Aren’t Posting Daily

First of all, before you continue reading, know that you’re not the only one losing followers on Instagram! Yes, you are not alone, everyone is experiencing it (even me) but you can reduce how much followers you lose by doing few things which we will be diving into in a bit. [IMPORTANT: Regardless of anything, as a creative, appreciate the people following you and keep creating great contents for them. Know anyone unfollowing you is probably not your target audience and you don’t want to focus too much of your energy on them anyways!]

Instagram is changing so quickly and many “too” much time that it can become difficult to even measure what is working, what you are doing right and what you can improve on. But, one thing that is sure and probably the top secret to avoid losing followers is ‘BUILDING AN AUTHENTIC FOLLOWING ORGANICALLY‘.

If you are following me on Instagram and of course a regular reader of TBP blog, you know that I took almost 3 months off blogging and posting daily on Instagram due to my studies and my short solo trip which I wrote about here. But, during this period, I didn’t just only maintain my numbers of followers but I grew [over 400 followers] even when I stopped posting daily. Below are 5 ways you can avoid losing too many followers on Instagram and grow your following even when you aren’t posting daily. 

BUILD AN AUTHENTIC FOLLOWING, ORGANICALLY: Like I said there is nothing like building an authentic following gradually. This might take time and work but trust me, that gradual growth will keep people around for a long time. If you have a genuine following even when you are taking a break but keeping them updated, they will understand. One of the biggest creatives worries is that our followers won’t understand when we take time off. No, if you have built a real relationship and following, they will understand that you are human too just like them.

BE CONSISTENT: No, consistency isn’t about posting daily. Consistency with your message and what you stand for. Even if you are not posting daily on your feed and insta-story, make sure to keep your followers updated with everything going one. This doesn’t have to be daily. it can be weekly, every 2 to 3 days. Make sure you let them know what is happening and going on which is easy to do via Insta-story.

Losing Followers On Instagram

PRODUCE VALUABLE CONTENT: Be that person people look forward to seeing your post and reading about what you have to say. When you give people value, trust me, you can only get great value in return which will lead to my next point: ENGAGING!

BE ENGAGING: I still will never understand why some bloggers most especially won’t reply to comments. Yes, you can’t reply everyone sometimes but atleast try to do 30/70. Take time out weekly or end of each day to reply comments and actually be engaging and be social. I said social because Instagram isn’t just about replying ‘your’ followers. Take time out to engage with the people you follow, like, follow people that you find inspiring regardless of the numbers of followers they have, follow back some of the people following you, comments (genuinely) and discover new people. You need to remember to lead by example, practice what you want yourself!

DIVERSIFY YOUR CONTENT: Remember you have real people following you and naturally people get bored quickly when they constantly see the same thing. Yes, you might be really good at flat lays but sooner or later, people will get tired of seeing just that. Learn new tricks, improve your skills and show other creative parts of you. Yes, people love your content now but they won’t love it forever if you keep giving the same style and type of content.

I hope you find these points really helpful. Guys, Instagram is a lot different from 3 or 5 years ago. You need to be intentional with everything you do on there. That’s it for now. I plan to post twice a week as I have more time on my side but I am hoping to really get this job I went for the interview on Thursday. Fingers crossed! If I do, I might have to reduce the post to once a week but trust me when I say that one post will change everything for you and will be worth your time.


50 thoughts on “Losing Followers On Instagram? – 5 Important Things To Do To Help Maintain & Grow Your Following Even When You Aren’t Posting Daily..

  1. I love your content Maryam. I’m consider starting my own blog after just discovering my passion and learning a ton of new tricks from the blogger point. I hope it all goes well. Keep it up. You’re an inspiration.


  2. Amazing post Maryam. I’m considering starting my own blog soon, and all the tips and social media strategies I’ve learned from the blogger point is really beneficial. I can’t thank you enough. Please keep it up. I love your content.


  3. Best post on this conversation that’s on the market! All very true and I definitely took notes! I’ll add that I’ve grown 2k in just a few months organically!! So i totally agree with all these!


  4. Such a good read! So many good points. Thanks for sharing especially on keep your followers update with your current life, obviously balancing privacy and blogging life can sometimes be hard. X


    1. That is very true … but I am sure there is always a way to balance especially if you build a good relationship with your audience, they kinda respect your privacy.


  5. I’m new to your blog but I have been binge reading all your posts since yesterday. I started my blog 6 months ago but have learned a ton in just one day of reading your content. Thank you so much for being our “blogger aunty”


    1. Annwww, “Blogger Aunty”, I accept the title….. Thank you for reading. This is exactly why I blog, to share and help others. Glad you find it helpful


  6. Thanks a lot for this post. I used to worry a lot about this too but these days, I just make conscious effort to understand that it’s better to grow your “audience” than to grow your “followers” and so far, it’s been really nice.


  7. Great Post. I found it very enlightening. Thanks Maryam. I always look forward to reading your posts. You’re one of my favorite bloggers you know.
    Also, thanks for the media kit template. For months now, I’ve been looking for help from more experienced blogger to help with creating my media kit asides what I’ve gotten from researching but apparently not too many people are willing to share/or go the extra mile. Shows how much of a great blogger and kind heart you have. Thanks darling. Keep being great!


  8. Gaining/maintaining followers on Instagram is hard! I keep losing followers, it’s good to know it’s not something I am doing wrong. I just recently started doing these things and I am glad this blog post has reaffirmed that I am on the right track. I am still finding my voice on Instagram. Thank you for always sharing gems both on your personal IG and via the blogger point.


  9. Thanks for sharing your tips and knowledge with us, dear. Great to take onboard while moving forward with Instagram! 💪


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