Fashion: My Thoughts On Some Designers Collection At Lagos Fashion Week 2018

Lagos Fashion Week 2018

Although, I missed this year LFW2018 but I religiously followed the shows via social media. And a big shout-out to some bloggers that took it upon themselves to really cover the event. I wish they gave them better seats and most especially considered bloggers/Influencers attending the show for better coverage.

One would think such an event should prioritise bloggers and influencers attending the show just like every fashion week events across the globe but being an attendee of Lagos Fashion Week 2018 in the past, this year didn’t come with better or upgraded condition for bloggers. Yes, few bloggers got “Press Passes”, however, it’s more than that.


Bloggers are the most relatable influencers in this age and honestly, it is very sad to know LFW management still underrate the power of bloggers in this age and time. 

I followed up the show and spotted a few brands that really caught my attention. Although few brands from the previous years came back [That’s normal] I sincerely didn’t know what to expect. I was really excited and looking forward to new designs, style and creativity. Find below 10 brands I sincerely think introduced a collection that represents creativity, uniqueness and most especially diversity. I love their attention to details, fabric choice and great at story-telling through every piece.

Lagos Fashion Week 2018

@tokyojames: Love the character and structure of the pieces

@clanrtw: Very sleek. I love the boss style inspo

@sisano: Talking about fabric fluidity, I love the flow of every piece

@moofadesigns: Really fell in love with the mixture of fasbrics

@ttyalondon: Minimal but remarkable.Especially, the white dress!

@houseofkaya_ng: They came with varieties. I love the practicality in every piece

@demurebydenike: Baby girl came to showcase the modern African culture. Love these pieces

@frucheofficial: This brand is so, me. Minimal, simple but elegant

@ayangompinga: This collection is all shades of classy but fun.

@dna_byiconicinvanity: I love every piece of this brand. The colours, stripes and length is just perfect

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7 thoughts on “Fashion: My Thoughts On Some Designers Collection At Lagos Fashion Week 2018

  1. Just binge reading old posts!!
    With regards to fashion brands giving front seat to bloggers/influencers I think it’s something they should really look into doing this year. From my point of view as I have seen on Fashion week in Accra, they give celebrities front row seat and I presume their reason is they “got the cash” to buy but it will be great if management of African fashion week starts considering giving some front row seats to bloggers most especially for they are the first people to actually talk more about the brands styles thereby creating an awareness of the brand to their readers and the masses.

    Hope I made sense sha😀😊


  2. Spot On post! From my point of view I think brands feel like given well-known celebrities front row seats instead of bloggers/influencers is that they probably feel like they have much more money to purchase their products and bloggers will usually get the stuffs unpaid for due to collaboration. They are somehow forgetting that bloggers are the ones who create more awareness of/for brands from giving their view points just like this article you have written thereby giving them clients from your list of readers. I think bloggers need to talk more on the front row seat.


    1. Exactly. They should focus more on bloggers who can make their events go viral by sharing their experience


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