Monthly Post: 30 Blog Post Ideas For November

blog post ideas for November

Blog post ideas for November

October was such a busy month for me. I struggled to be consistent not because I didn’t have inspiration but because I had so much stuff going on for me. It’s a new month and I can’t believe we have less than 60 days before the end of 2018. If you missed the October blog post idea’s, click here to check it out because it might still be useful for this month or months after.

Okay, let’s get into. Here are blog post ideas for November!

  1. Share your plan for the month
  2. Share your monthly read
  3. Books you read last month
  4. Compilation of your ‘October post’
  5. Your 2019 plan for your blog
  6. Your current recipes/meal plan
  7. Trends you loved in 2018 and wish to see trending in 2019
  8. Your favourite TV shows
  9. 10 places you want to visit in 2019
  10. 10 bloggers you met in 2018 and what you love about them
  11. Your top 5 favourite blogs and why you love reading them
  12. Your opinion on the future of blogging
  13. Instagram storytelling VS blog!
  14. Share a guest post
  15. Create a list of 15 bloggers to follow on Instagram to stay motivated in 2019
  16. Vlog – A day in your life!
  17. Balancing blogging and 9 to 5/full-time education
  18. Make an alphabetic (A-Z) list on “blogging advice”
  19. 10 things you learnt from blogging so far
  20. Share a process: Planning a Christmas campaign? – Carry your readers along
  21. Attended an event recently? – Share your experience
  22. Be transparent – 5 ways you made money or got collaborations from blogging this year
  23. Share a FREE template
  24. Something special is happening in your personal life right now? – share with your readers
  25. Share an editing “How-to”
  26. Do a giveaway
  27. Launch a challenge this month and be accountable
  28. Share a Christmas gift ideas for BF/GF/Husband/Wife/Best-friend
  29. Plan a Christmas gift-swap with other bloggers
  30. Write a letter to yourself to read at the end of 2019

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Have any blog post request for 2019? Drop it in the comment section below…

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