It’s been a long time since I posted on here. Life took over and I just allowed it to shape this new phase of my life. Before diving into today’s post, I wanted to show you this lovely sport-chic style shoot I did with blogger-babe @jenniferamani the other day. Green isn’t my go-to colour but these shades of green are giving me “Ready for winter/Christmas” vibe. I love how the V details on this Newlook pull remind me of high-school jumpers we wore over uniforms. I think by now, you already know how much love I have for carrot-style trousers from Newlook. It surely the style of trouser to go for if you want to show off your shoes. Talking about shoes, this pair of trainers are the comfiest and likely the most fashionable at the moment. If you aren’t jumping on the ‘Dad-trainers’ trend, what are you doing?! I love this look and if there is any style/trend I can wear forever, I think it will be the ‘Dad-trainers’. [A short love story]

A SHORT LOVE STORY, new look, new look jumper


A feel like millions of things is going on behind the scenes but somehow, I’ve been able to handle it a bit better than usual.

-I recently started my new job. It’s been two weeks already and I can say I am more than thankful to God. Do I love my job? Well, I don’t think I can answer that yet but surely I love my team and what I do. Before the end of my exams, I wasn’t so keen on the 9-5 lifestyle soon but after weighing my options and visualising where I want to go, I knew this would be a profitable path.

Combining 9-5 and blogging: I think it’s a bit too early to start talking about work-life balance but I actually find it very interesting and not as bad as people make it seem. I enjoy that part of me that feels productive at the end of each day and being away from social media for a couple of hours. I am very lucky to work 15 mins away from home. So, I still have enough time to actually do things after work. Do you have a 9-5 and also a content creator? Let me know how you balance things

Love life: Well, I’ve been intentionally sharing more about that on my Instagram lately. Yes, your girl is in love and it’s a great feeling especially when it’s with someone you’ve always know. [Let call him Mr A] – Mr A and I met in 2013 (First year of my Undergrad studies) at Nottingham Trent University. For a ‘Social media connaisseur’ like me, I think you won’t be surprised that I met someone via Social Media right? Well, that’s if BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) is still considered Social Media Platform. We became friends and obviously more than friends. Fast forward 1yr and 5 months later, we had to ‘peacefully/maturely’ go our different ways…..We kept in touch as friends but let say love connected us back. Who would have taught after 3 years? Maybe I didn’t think but always wished for this moment! Mr A is one of the best supports of my Art/Creativity after my Dad of-course and that means a lot. Although, I felt like I broke the girl’s code by going back to an “ex”, but one thing I have learnt is to always put my happiness first before anything.

Let me know, do you have a crush at the moment? Are you in a relationship? How long have you known your partner for and how did you guys meet? [I can’t wait to read your comments, I like gist!]

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  1. Congratulations on the job and the fact that you love what you do and your team, it makes work more fun. Congratulations on finding love too again, I have a huge crush on someone, maybe I will tell him, maybe not but for now I am still figuring out what I want.

    Thank you for getting personal.


    1. Thanks, babes, Annnw, You know what? I think you should tell him but prepare your mind to the fact that he might feel the same or not.


  2. Love this post. I love how honest your posts are. I’m staying off relationships for now. I was/have been in a relationship and it’s like a constant roller coaster of we’re together, we’re not together so I’ve decided to start a different relationship with my work and maybe the universe will send my own Prince Charming. Lol… my story isn’t as exciting I know.


    1. Babe, It is, I was reading and smiling lol! I understand you dear and I think everyone can relate to that roller coaster journey especially if you are a passionate person like me. And I must say, taking breaks from a relationship is the best. It is necessary to take time to repair one’s self from relationship aches. Re-build a relationship with yourself and other things that matter. I pray we all heal sooner than we thought.


  3. Hi Maryam!
    I live for personal posts like this and seeing people thrive.
    So happy for you and Mr. A! We need to do what makes us happy as long as it’s not hurting others. Congratulations on your new job, you’d do great, I’m sure.
    I am currently not in a relationship buut I know all would come in good time
    I enjoyed reading this ❤️


  4. That Sweater detail is giving me life and the entire athleisure look! Though its late but let me Officially say Congratulations on the new job, reuniting with love!!
    I had a 9-5 but felt unfulfilled so I had to resign and still in good terms with my boss. Job hunting but doing a bit of cooking business on the side whiles writing tho I have not been a consistent one at it.
    My dear forget that girl code of going to “ex” oo.. If their is still Love, Connection, Understanding and Respect my love please make it work!!
    My ex and I dated for 4yrs and when I moved back home for a while he thought I wouldn’t be coming back and he couldn’t cope with long distance. We still talk, he confides in me and I am hopefully God makes it work in a best way possible. We met in uni on our first years 2012


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