My Ghana Experience {+ A Day Tour Experience With A-Bay Tours}

Hey Guys, Welcome back to the blog and Happy New Month in advance. I know this is probably the second time this year I am saying welcome back but for real, this will be the last time…

So, a few weeks ago, I took a “very important” trip to the beautiful country of Ghana. Oops wait, my new name is “Nana Akua” from now on, atleast till the end of this post.

I say this trip is “Very important” because I didn’t go on a solo trip this time around (Of course, you know that, right?). It was a special trip because I went with someone special: Mr A. This is our first time seeing again after 3 years & first trip together. The last time we saw each other was 2016, I guess and that was just briefly and as “friends” [We tried to remain, friends – another story for another day].

Also, it was my birthday on the 10th of March which is by far the best birthday celebration because he really treated me like the real “birthday queen”.

Birthday Surprise & Plan by Mr A:

He ordered breakfast in bed [Cheat-sheet: I told him that was a must – jk]. And of course, I forced him out to take some lovely new shots for me by the boats [The mandatory birthday pictures]. Then, we started the day with a stop at the movies, then we had a lovely dinner; where we can call our favourite restaurant in Ghana [for now]: Coco Lounge. Mr already planned with the staff to surprise me with a lovely birthday cake with giant sparkling light [I love to be extra sometimes and he knows me too well]. So, apparently, Coco Lounge has a tradition of switching the restaurant music to salsa and their lovely staff giving you a mini dance performance on your birthday. You get to be the centre of attention for a few minutes. A bit extra for a quiet person like me [If I say so myself] but I didn’t mind because it was really sweet and cute.

*So, if you ever want to make someone feel extra special: friend or family on their birthday, trust me, that little gesture will do the magic. I guess you just have to notify the staff in advance. [Not paid Ad for Coco Lounge, just saying].

My Ghana Experience

A Day Tour In Ghana Organised by A-Bay Tours:

In Collaboration with A-Bay Tours, I did a takeover of their Insta-story, visiting some touristy locations in Ghana. Our day started with a pick from our initial hotel: Best Western at Osu.  Then we visited some lovely places such as The Kwame Nkrumah Museum, The Independence Avenue and arch, James Town and Makola market. Unfortunately, we couldn’t go to The Shea butter shop due to sudden headache but; I heard so much about it so, I will strongly recommend you to visit whenever you are in Ghana.

The great thing about having a personal tour guide was the smooth navigation to all these places. Mr Daniel [Our Tour Guide] was very professional and of course knows ‘his stuff’, he wasn’t just blabbing. Very friendly and great company to have especially when we had to negotiate prices at the market. He was very considerate of the fact that I am a creative and might slow his schedule down because ‘a girl needs to create some contents on the go’. No, he wasn’t in a rush to get through his day and even gave me some fantastic tips for content creation. Our tour even included stops for lunch and dinner at some of the best restaurants in Accra which I think its cool cos you really don’t want to be taking time out from your day and end up missing out on nice places to visit simply because the tour-guide didn’t consider you might need to stop to refresh/feed your empty belly. Overall the tour was FANTASTIC, however, I would have loved to be notified in advance that the lunch and dinner costs aren’t included in the tour package. Just imagine we didn’t come out with enough cash? “A baby girl like me won’t want to wash plate at a restaurant o” LOL!

Best Western Hotel VS Labadi Beach Hotel:

I will strongly recommend @bestwestern hotel at Nugwa, beach drive if you want: great accommodation by the beachside, fantastic customer service, very tasty food (especially their seafood Okro) + homemade “feel” type of breakfast & overall great worth for your money but if you are just about staying at a “very popular” accommodation with 2% customer service with ⬆️ price tag however large hotel room and lovely breakfast too, I will point to @labadibeachhotel . Personally, I think it is of course, overrated after staying there for a night but maybe a longer stay will change my opinion “just maybe”.

Coco Lounge: @cocoloungegh is very pretty with great aesthetics. And I really enjoyed their ‘Prawn jollof rice’. This location is always picture perfect so, if you are a Content creator, this is a must visit location for you.

Sky Bar 25:  @skybar25 view from the top is MAGICAL. I think this is a perfect location for a romantic but intimate ‘proposal’ 😉 but the prices of drinks & sides are not for the average, prepare your purse!

Makola Market:Makola market is the junior sister of “Balogun market” in Lagos. Crowded, noisy & a bit rough but I mean what do you expect in a market? In fact, I will be scared to go to a quiet market + things are 3 times cheaper than in the mall. Of course, that’s if you don’t mind the market stress + take a local that can help bargain very well.

Tour was well planned by @a_baytours , be sure to contact them to save yourself all the troubles of planning. As in, just pack and their team will do all the planning for you. You can follow them on all social platforms @a_baytours or

My Ghana Experience, Ghana trip, Visit Ghana 2019

If you get to this point, I want to say a big thank you for stopping by to read and don’t forget to check back for a NEW FASHION POST next week Sunday [Every Sunday]. Remember to stay connected with me on all social platforms @itsmaryamsalam .

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